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Chapter 38: Mother and Daughter

Xue Shi responded.

Seeing her expression, Xiao Xixi expected that she should not have taken her warnings to heart.

Xiao Xixi took out two amulets.

This is the amulet she made for the prince before.

After it was done, she never found a suitable opportunity for him, so they are still in her hands until now.

Xiao Xixi was afraid that Xue Shi and Xiao Zhilan would have an accident.

In order to prevent accidents, she sent these two amulets out, hoping to help them escape.

However, when Xiao Xixi approached with the amulet, Xue took her little daughter a few steps back, her face was full of resistance.

Xiao Xixi didn’t embarrass her either, so she called Baoqin and asked Baoqin to help bring the two amulets to Xue.

Qixue Qin asked Baoqin to help bring the two amulets to Xue’s family.

Bao Qin saw Xue’s attitude in her eyes, and she was very angry.

However, because of the difference between master and servant, Bao Qin could only endure dissatisfaction and directly stuffed the two amulets into Xue’s hands.

“Madam, this is made by the little master herself.

Take it well and don’t lose it.”

Xue was holding two amulets, just like holding two hot potatoes, and she couldn’t wait to throw them away right away.

She barely squeezed out a smile: “Thank you Xiao Liangdi for your reward.”

Next, the atmosphere fell into a long silence.

Although Xue and Xiao Xixi are biological mothers and daughters, because Xiao Xixi was sent out soon after she was born, she has never drunk Xue’s milk, and Xue has never hugged her.

Their mother-daughter relationship is almost zero, and they know each other not much better than strangers.

Coupled with Xiao Xixi’s terrifying evil star fate, Xue was even more afraid of her like a tiger, and she didn’t even dare to look at her more.

Seeing Xue’s look like a needle, Xiao Xixi said, “I’m tired, go back and say hello to my father for me.”

As if she had been pardoned, Xue hurriedly said yes, and walked out quickly with his little daughter in her arms.

Xiao Xixi asked Bao Qin to send them off.

But Xue ran fast with her little daughter, and when Bao Qin chased her out, Xue’s mother and daughter were already running out of sight.

Bao Qin returned to the house angrily.

“Little master, how can madam treat you like this Not only did she not even have a confidant, she also deliberately avoided you, as if you were some kind of monster, it was too much!”

Xiao Xi didn’t care about this: “Let her go.”

Xue is not a person of great evil, and there is no deep hatred between her and Xiao Xixi.

They just don’t have a mother-daughter relationship.

After Xue took her little daughter out of Qingge Hall, she couldn’t wait to throw away the two amulets.

After throwing the amulet, Xue didn’t forget to wipe his hands vigorously with a silk handkerchief, for fear that he would be contaminated with bad luck.

Xiao Zhilan saw the two amulets lying in the grass and wanted to reach out to pick them up, but Xue grabbed them.

Xiao Zhilan said angrily: “That is the amulet given to us by my sister, and you can’t throw it away.”

Xue Shi warned solemnly: “She is not your sister, she is an evil star.

If it weren’t for her, your brother would not die.

If we get close to her, we will also be killed by her.

No matter what she gives you in the future, you are not allowed to touch it, remember”

Xiao Zhilan looked confused: “Isn’t my brother okay He is not dead.”

“It’s not this brother.

You have another brother who died when he was just born.

He was killed by that evil star.”

After Xue said this, she regretted it.

She shouldn’t have told her little daughter about these things.

What if she scared her little daughter

She held her little daughter in her arms and comforted her softly.

“Xiao Zhilan, you are still young, and you don’t understand many things.

When you grow up, you will be able to understand your parents’ hard work.”


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