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Chapter 37: Thank you for worrying about me

In the afternoon, the general’s wife brought her second daughter to the Qingge Hall.


General’s maiden name is Xue.

She is now thirty-three years old.

She was born dignified and beautiful, and she looks like a very gentle woman.

Xue gave birth to two daughters and a son in total.

It was Xiao Zhilan, the second daughter, who was brought into the palace by her today.

As for the eldest daughter, it was Xiao Xixi who had already married into the Eastern Palace.

As the wife of a general, Xue has four qualities, but Xiao Xixi’s status as a good woman is from the third rank, which is just one level higher than her.

Xue Shi and Xiao Zhilan stood far away from Xiao Xixi, bowed their knees and saluted.

“The minister’s wife and the minister’s daughter paid a visit to Xiao Liangdi.”

Xiao Xixi wanted to go over and help Xue.

As if frightened, Xue hurriedly pulled her little daughter back.

It looked as if she was avoiding a raging beast.

Xiao Xixi stopped, her smile faded a little, and she said, “Mother, don’t be polite, there are no outsiders here, so you can feel free to do whatever you want.”

Xue knew that her reaction just now was too much.

She hurriedly packed up her expression, and said politely: “The minister does not dare.”

Xiao Zhilan hid behind her mother and looked at her sister curiously.

Xiao Zhilan just turned ten years old this year, with a round face, round and bright eyes, and two bags of hair combed.

She looks like a doll painted in the new year, which is very flattering.

Xiao Xixi asked Bao Qin to bring some food for Xiao Zhilan.

Xiao Zhilan saw the delicious food and wanted to reach out to get it, but was stopped by her mother.

Xue whispered and coaxed: “Xiao Zhilan, let’s not eat the food here.

When we go home, your mother will make you delicious food.”

Although Xiao Zhilan is only ten years old, she does not understand everything.

She had overheard people talking about that she had a direct sister, but her sister was a lone star with evil spirits in her life, and as long as she was close to her, she would die.

So as soon as her younger sister was born, she was sent away, so that Xiao Zhilan hadn’t seen this direct sister since she was born.

It was not until last year that Xiao Zhilan saw her for the first time when her sister suddenly returned home.

But the family didn’t seem to like her very much, and they all took a detour when they saw her.

The parents also told Xiao Zhilan and his brother that they were not allowed to talk to their elder sister or stay with their elder sister.

They couldn’t even take a closer look at their elder sister.

When I usually eat, my sister eats alone in her own courtyard.

She rarely goes out and does not interact with people.

It was not until the draft began that she took the initiative to walk out of the courtyard for the first time, stood in front of her parents, and said that she wanted to marry into East Palace.

My sister married the prince as she wished and became the Prince Liangdi.

Hundreds of people up and down the general’s mansion also breathed a sigh of relief.

Xue kept her little daughter behind her, looking like a hen guarding her cubs, for fear that her cubs would be harmed.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Xixi dispelled the idea of being homely with Xue with interest.

Xue Shi said cautiously: “The general was very worried when he heard that Xiao Liangdi was accidentally poisoned while attending the birthday banquet.

However, the general has been too busy recently.

In addition, he is a foreign minister and it is inconvenient to enter the harem, so he asked the minister to take Xiao Zhilan to see you.”

Xiao Xixi said, “Thank you for worrying about me, I am almost better now.”

Her gaze paused for a moment on Xue Shi and Xiao Zhilan, and she frowned slightly.

“Mother and sister must not cross the bridge these days, remember!”

Xue was puzzled: “Why”

The family didn’t know that Xiao Xixi was a member of the Profound Sect, and she didn’t plan to divulge this matter.

She said, “Don’t ask why, you just need to remember what I said.”


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