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Chapter 34: Spare my life

In this harem, the treatment of children with and without children is very different.

Don’t say that it is to give birth to a prince, even if it is just to give birth to a princess, it is much better than a concubine who can’t give birth to anything.

Grace is the goal they compete for, and children are the foundation for them to settle down.

Concubine Ning is now in her thirties.

Compared with the delicate new concubines who have just entered the palace, she is already old and declining.

The emperor has rarely spent the night in her palace in recent years.

But even so, others dare not underestimate her.

She deserves the slightest bit.

Her days in the palace are very nourishing, and even the queen has to give her a bit of face.

All this is because she gave birth to the fourth prince.

Concubine Ning didn’t think much when she learned that the queen was summoned.

After dressing up a little, she took a sedan chair to the Jiaofang Hall.

The palace maid carefully helped Concubine Ning to the ground.

Concubine Ning looked at the magnificent gate of the Jiaofang Hall in front of her, and said with some disdain and some jealousy in her heart.

As the lord of the six palaces, this Empress Qin looked at the infinite scenery, and everyone wanted to bow to her, but everyone knew very well that Empress Qin was actually a hen who did not lay eggs.

For so many years, except for one pregnancy in the early years, she has never been pregnant since.

The emperor and the Empress Dowager did not allow everyone to discuss this matter, but everyone was not stupid, and they could guess that it must have been Queen Qin who injured her body during childbirth that year, causing her to never conceive again.

Concubine Ning thought more than once that Empress Qin was just taking advantage of the pit and not taking a **.

Obviously, she couldn’t give birth to a child, but she still had to occupy the position of queen and refused to let Xian, without self-knowledge!

The palace girl reminded in a low voice: “The empress is careful of the threshold.”

Concubine Ning stepped over the high threshold of the Jiaofang Hall, walked into the hall, and bowed her knees to Queen Qin and saluted.

Empress Qin was wearing a long black dress with wide sleeves, and such a deep colour was worn on her body, which made her more cold and indifferent.

The Grand palace maid girl Pearl took two steps forward holding a silk handkerchief, and there was a round jade pendant lying inside the silk handkerchief.

Empress Qin asked, “Is this something from Concubine Ning’s palace”

When Concubine Ning saw the jade pendant, her pupils shrank slightly.

She subconsciously grabbed her sleeves and barely squeezed out a smile on her face, trying to make herself look more calm and natural.

“This was given to the concubine by the Empress Dowager last year.

I didn’t see it when I was sorting out my things recently.

The concubine thought she had accidentally lost it.

The concubine was about to report it to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and asked them to help find it, but she didn’t expect it to fall into the hands of the Empress Dowager.”

Empress Qin said coldly: “This jade pendant was found on a palace girl named Tanhua.”

Concubine Ning didn’t want to think about it, so she quickly said, “The concubine doesn’t know this person.”

“The palace doesn’t care if you know Tanhua or not.

The palace only knows that Tanhua wants to poison and murder the prince, and Tanhua has your jade pendant on her body.”

Concubine Ning was shocked: “The concubine never thought about poisoning the prince.

The concubine is innocent!”

“Innocent” Empress Qin smiled coldly, “In this harem, no one is innocent.”

“The concubine is really wronged, please be aware of the Empress!”

Concubine Ning knelt down and kowtowed, layers of cold sweat already appeared on her back.

Empress Qin looked at her coldly: “This jade pendant is evidence of your murder of the prince.

Even if you refuse to confess, the palace will not be able to spare you today.

Come and drag Concubine Ning down and punish her.”

Concubine Ning screamed in horror: “Empress Empress, spare my life!”

Two strong ladies walked in, grabbed Concubine Ning’s arms from left to right, covered her mouth, and roughly dragged her out.

Immediately afterwards, Concubine Ning’s screams sounded outside.


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