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Chapter 3 Prince Assassinated

Baoqin went out to prepare ingredients while Xiao Xixi is still enjoying the melon seeds.

Everyone felt that she was insane, so she ran to the prince to pretend to be a ghost, but only she knew that the prince would really have a disaster.

  She was originally a member of the Xuanmen.

She followed her master to learn divination and fortune-telling when she was young.

She observed the astrology last night and found that the emperor star will have blood and light in the future.

  If the prince really encounters unexpected events, according to the ancestral system of the Dasheng Dynasty, the concubine will be buried.

Xiao Xixi is still young, she is only sixteen years old now, so she does not want her great Yusheng ( means raw fish )to be buried.

So she made an amulet overnight and gave it to the prince to help him escape.

Thinking of this, Xiao Xixi stroked her chin,Calculating according to the time, the prince’s blood and light disaster should be fulfilled soon.

  I hope that he can live up to the point and survive this disaster safely, so that she will not waste her efforts.

  Today’s hunting, Luo Qinghan rode a horse to hunt down a stag in the forest.

  Somehow, the horse under him suddenly went crazy and rushed forward desperately!

Luo Qinghan urged internal force, tightened the reins, and wanted to restrain the horse.

Unfortunately it was useless.

There is a cliff in front .

If he rushes forward, him and his horse will have to fall off the cliff.

Luo Qinghan can only reluctantly give up this horse that has followed him for many years, loosen the reins, and jump off the horse with light effort.

  But as soon as he landed, a dark arrow flew out of the woods and shot straight to his chest!

  This arrow came too suddenly and the speed was too fast, Luo Qinghan had no time to dodge.

  His pupils shrank and his heart stopped suddenly.

  In an instant, the arrow flew in front of him, and the sharp arrow was only an inch away from his chest.

Seeing that his heart is about to be pierced by an arrow.

At the very moment.

  He suddenly felt a heat in his chest.

  The arrow seemed to hit an invisible barrier.

After a slight pause, it was bounced away.

After flying out for a certain distance, the arrow fell to the ground feebly.

   Before Luo Qinghan could react to what had happened, a dozen black-clothed assassins emerged from the woods and leaped towards him with their swords.

  Fortunately, the guards have arrived on horseback.

When they saw assassins, they shouted to protect him, drew their sabers and jumped off their horses to fight with those assassins.

  After a burst of light and sword shadow.

The guards quickly gained the upper hand by virtue of their number advantage.

The assassins were lost, dead and wounded.

Originally, Luo Qinghan wanted one to stay alive, but it was a pity that he was a step late.

  Several assassins who survived have taken poison and killed themselves.

  Luo Qinghan’s eyes were gloomy as ice.

  His gaze swept across the corpses on the ground, and finally he looked at the arrow lying quietly on the grass.

  The timing of the arrow shot just now is extremely delicate.

  He was almost shot on the spot.

  If it hadn’t been for the invisible barrier to block him…

   Thinking of this, Luo Qinghan involuntarily raised his hand, touched his chest, and found something hidden in his chest.

  Take a look, it turned out to be an amulet!

  Although this amulet has become pitch black, as if it had been burned by fire, he still recognized it at a glance——

  This is the amulet given to him by Xiao Liangdi.

  In an instant, Luo Qinghan understood the origin of this amulet.

  It must be Xiao Liangdi who secretly stuffed the amulet into his clothes while holding his thigh.

The amulet is very small and light, so there is no sense of existence, so that he had never noticed its existence.

He couldn’t understand why this amulet turned black


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