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Chapter 29: Infatuation

Xiao Xixi was awakened and opened her apricot eyes and looked at her: “What happened”

Chen Liangyuan was trembling with anger: “You must give me an explanation today!”

Xiao Xi was dumbfounded: “What’s the explanation”

Chen Liangyuan: “You lied to me that Royal Highness the Prince would come to Qingge Hall today, but he didn’t come at all.

You lied to me.

Shouldn’t you give me an explanation”

Xiao Xixi: “I didn’t lie to you…”

Chen Liangyuan: “You still said you didn’t lie to me If you didn’t lie to me, why didn’t Royal Highness show up”

Xiao Xixi: “I don’t know this.”

“It’s all his time, are you still pretending to be stupid Xiao Liandi, I didn’t expect you to look stupid, so you pretended to be.

Like Concubine Bai, you are a deep-hearted white lotus, pretending to be more innocent and pitiful than anyone else, but in fact, your mind is more vicious and cruel than anyone else!”

“Who do you say is vicious and cruel”

“I said you are vicious and cruel…” Before she finished speaking, Chen Liangyuan suddenly recovered.

The voice asking just now was the prince!

She immediately turned her head and followed the steps, only to see the prince standing at the door, followed by  Eunuch Chang.

I don’t know how long they stood there, and how much they listened to the conversation just now.

Chen Liangyuan’s heart thumped, and she couldn’t tell if she was crying.

She stood up hurriedly, but because she had been kneeling for too long, her legs had already lost consciousness.

It took a lot of effort for her to barely get up, but because she was unsteady on her feet, she fell to the ground in embarrassment.

At this time, Xiao Xixi had already got out of bed with the help of Bao Qin, and the two bowed their knees to the prince and saluted.

Luo Qinghan was busy investigating the poisoning of alcohol today, and he didn’t stop until just now.

Seeing that it was getting late, he felt that Xiao Liandi should have fallen asleep.

He didn’t want to come over, but he hesitated for a while.

He was afraid that Xiao Liandi would keep waiting for him.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he walked into the Qingge Hall, he heard Chen Liangyuan cursing.

Eunuch Chang made a gesture, and immediately two palace ladies stepped forward to help Chen Liangyuan up.

Chen Liangyuan couldn’t help shaking her body when she met the prince’s cold gaze.

Luo Qinghan: “Why are you cursing”

Chen Liangyuan didn’t know how to explain, she was anxious and scared, her eyes were red, and her voice was trembling even more: “Just now… The concubine was talking nonsense.

The concubine knew she was wrong.

Please don’t take those words to heart.”

Luo Qinghan’s gaze crossed her and fell on Xiao Xiqi.

“Xiao Liandi, come and tell me, why did Chen Liangyuan scold you”

Xiao Xixi told the story over and over again.

After Luo Qinghan finished listening, she looked at Chen Liangyuan with a bit of disgust.

“Come on, send Chen Liangyuan back to Yulu Tower, and the quota for the next three months will be halved.

She will not be allowed to step into Qingge Hall again in the future.”

Chen Liangyuan’s expression changed drastically.

The halving of the quota is nothing, that is, the cost of food and clothing is reduced by half, but if this news spreads, the whole East Palace will know that she annoyed the prince.

People in this palace are used to stepping on highs and stepping on lows.

If everyone knew that she was rejected by the crown prince, they would shove her into the mud ruthlessly.

She doesn’t want to live that kind of life!

She desperately broke free from the hands of the palace ladies, knelt at Luo Qinghan’s feet, and took out a sachet from her sleeve.

It was a lavender sachet with white orchids embroidered in it.

“Your highness, do you remember what you said to your concubine when you first met You praised your concubine for her nice name, and you also gave her a pot of orchids, which she still keeps.

The concubine made this sachet based on the appearance of the pot of orchids.

The orchids on it were embroidered by the concubine herself stitch by stitch.

The petals of orchids are also used in the sachet.

Please accept this sachet for the sake of the concubine’s infatuation with you.”


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