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Chapter 28: The prince didn’t Come

Bao Qin took the blanket and carefully covered her master so that she would not catch a cold.

Chen Liangyuan smiled softly and said, “Your name is Bao Qin, right How old are you this year”

She wanted to start with the people around Xiao Liandi and inquire about the details of Xiao Liandi’s relationship with the prince.

Bao Qin lowered her voice and reminded: “Our little master is asleep, please try not to make a sound, so as not to disturb the little master’s rest.”

Chen Liangyuan’s stomach was all blocked back.

Almost suffocated her with internal injuries.

This bitch maid, like her master, hates it very much!

Time passed minute by minute.

Xiao Xixi slept soundly.

But Chen Liangyuan suffered.

She didn’t get the permission of her owner.

It was not convenient for her to get up and walk around.

She could only maintain a kneeling posture.

After a long time, her calf was sore and sore, which was very uncomfortable.

She couldn’t help adjusting her sitting posture.

But this is not much better.

The pain in her legs became more and more serious, and in the end she felt that she was about to lose consciousness on both legs.

If anyone could look at her at this time, they would immediately be able to see that her face was extremely bad.

It’s a pity.

Except for her, there were only Xiao Xixi and Bao Qin in the room.

Xiao Xixi was sleeping faintly, and not knowing what year it was today.

Bao Qin noticed that Chen Liangyuan’s face was not good-looking, but Chen Liangyuan didn’t speak, so she didn’t see it.

Chen Liangyuan, who had no one to take care of, could only endure the pain silently.

She endured while waiting.

Just waited and waited, and waited until the sky outside the window was completely dark, but still couldn’t wait until the prince appeared.

Chen Liangyuan was tired, hungry and painful.

She couldn’t help it, and asked tremblingly.

“What time is it now”

Bao Qin glanced at the dripping copper pot placed in the outer hall, and said softly, “It’s been a while.”

Chen Liangyuan looked at Xiao Xixi, and when she saw that she was still asleep, she couldn’t wait to rush up and pinch the other person’s neck, and asked the other person why she still sleeping It’s so late that the prince hasn’t shown up yet, isn’t this woman in a hurry

Chen Liangyuan barely squeezed out a smile: “Your chicken soup has been stewed for so long, can you still drink it”

Bao Qin said, “Don’t worry, there are people watching in the kitchen, and they know what to do.”

Chen Liangyuan could only shut up.

Waited another hour.

It was already midnight, and the prince still did not show up.

Chen Liangyuan finally couldn’t hold on.

She yelled.

“Xiao Liandi!”

She was so angry now that she felt that Xiao Liandi had deceived her, so she didn’t even call her sister, so she just called Xiao Liandi.

Xiao Xixi was awakened, she sat up and rubbed her bleary eyes: “What’s the matter”

Chen Liangyuan gritted her teeth with hatred: “Didn’t you say that Royal Highness the Prince will come to Qingge Hall today Why hasn’t he shown up yet You are not deliberately lying to me, are you”

Xiao Xi hadn’t fully woken up at this moment, and her whole body was stunned.

“Well, hasn’t the prince come yet”

Bao Qin said, “Do you want someone to ask why the prince hasn’t come yet”

Xiao Xixi yawned: “No, he may be busy with something, let’s wait a while.”

“But it’s midnight, are you still waiting”

“Wait, wait.” Xiao Xixi said, while lying down again, planning to go back to sleep.

Bao Qin carefully covered her with a blanket.

Chen Liangyuan was almost mad.

She was about to kneel down and break her legs, but she couldn’t even see the prince’s shadow.

This Xiao Liandi just deliberately played with her!

So hateful!

Chen Liangyuan roared angrily.

“Xiao Liandi!”


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