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Chapter 27: It’s so hateful!

The little abacus in Chen Liangyuan’s heart snapped, but she heard Xiao Liandi say.

“Forget it, the doctor said that I need to rest, and it’s best not to have anyone around me.”

Chen Liangyuan’s abacus cracked instantly.

She almost couldn’t hold her smile, but fortunately, she kept her sanity at the last minute, so she didn’t change her face on the spot.

She smiled dryly: “Well, my sister is abrupt.

I hope my sister won’t take offense.”

Xiao Xixi also smiled.

Then neither of them spoke.

The atmosphere fell into indescribable embarrassment.

The two of them were not familiar with each other, but now they are forced to get together.

Apart from a few simple pleasantries, they have nothing to say at all.

It’s so boring.

Xiao Xixi yawned, her eyelids pressed down involuntarily, and her body began to tilt to the side as if she had no bones.

She is sleepy.

Bao Qin thoughtfully stuffed two soft cushions behind her to make her lean more comfortable.

It stands to reason that Chen Liangyuan should get up and leave with interest at this time.

But she was unwilling to leave empty-handed.

She suddenly sucked her nose and asked, “I seem to smell chicken soup.

Are you stewing chicken soup”

Xiao Xixi was now half-dreaming and half-awake, and her mind was not clear, so she replied vaguely.

“That’s right.”

Chen Liangyuan said suspiciously: “Aren’t you recuperating Isn’t it good to eat something so greasy as chicken soup”

“It’s not for me to eat, it’s for Royal Highness the prince.”

Chen Liangyuan’s eyes lit up: “His Royal Highness the Crown Prince will come to Qingge Hall today”


Chen Liangyuan clenched her fists secretly, she really came right this time!

She decided to stay a little longer and stayed until the prince came.

Thinking of this, she quietly squeezed the sachet hidden in her sleeve.

As long as he can see the prince and give him this sachet, he will remember her.

Because of that calculation in her heart, no matter how embarrassed and silent the atmosphere was, Chen Liangyuan made up her mind to stay in the Qingge Hall and refused to leave.

She even volunteered.

“When I was at my mother’s house, I also stewed chicken soup for my parents.

The cooking skills are pretty good.

Why don’t you let me help my sister see how the chicken soup is stewed”

Xiao Xixi is just lazy, but not stupid.

Regarding Chen Liangyuan’s thoughts, Xiao Xi was very clear in her heart.

She yawned and said lazily: “You care so much about my chicken soup.

Are you greedy Want a share”

Chen Liangyuan blushed shamelessly: “What did my sister say How can I be so greedy I just want to help my sister.

If my sister annoys me, I just have to go now.”

“Oh, then I won’t send it.”

Chen Liangyuan: “…”

When normal people encounter this kind of situation, shouldn’t they try their best to keep it as a courtesy

Why doesn’t this little bitch play cards according to common sense

Has her upbringing been eaten by dogs !

Chen Liangyuan was choked badly.

She hasn’t seen the prince yet, so it’s impossible to leave now.

She barely squeezed out an ugly smile: “Hehe, I was just joking, why did my sister take it seriously”

Xiao Xixi clicked her tongue, she refused to leave, this woman is really persistent.

The guests refused to leave, and Xiao Xixi, who was the host, could only accompany her.

But her eyelids became heavier and heavier, and in the end she couldn’t hold on anymore.

She staggered on the couch and fell asleep.

Upon seeing this, Chen Liangyuan became more and more annoyed.

She was sitting here as a big living person, and Xiao Liangdi actually fell asleep on her own, which made it clear that she didn’t take her seriously!

It’s so hateful!

And wait, wait for her to get the prince’s favour, and see how she kills Xiao Liangdi, a defiant little bitch!


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