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Chapter 25: Is the hen sick

Inside the Yulian Hall.

Concubine Bai Xianfei was kneeling on a soft cushion, with a tea cup on the low table in front of her.

Her fingertips were attached to the teacup, and she became more and more delicate and slender against the background.

Chen Liangyuan knelt and sat beside her, and said cautiously.

“Sister, did you hear about the birthday banquet last night”

Concubine Bai Xian: “What’s the matter”

“It was Xiao Liangdi’s poisoning.

I heard that she vomited blood and fell into a coma on the spot and almost died.

Later, she was rescued by the doctor.

Tsk Tsk, her life is really hard enough.”

Concubine Bai Xianfei sighed: “Xiao Liangdi is so pitiful, she has made such a big crime for nothing.”

Chen Liangyuan curled her lips secretly, thinking that the white lotus was pretending again.

Chen Liangyuan skilfully praised: “Sister, you are just too kind.

I think this is all Xiao Liangdi’s own fault.

If she hadn’t seduced her Royal Highness to take her to the birthday banquet, she wouldn’t have been poisoned.

Sister, you don’t have to sympathize with her.”

Concubine Bai Xianfei softly sighed: “After all, she is a sister.

How can I sit idly by and ignore this kind of thing when she encounters this kind of thing It stands to reason that I should visit Xiao Liangdi, but my body is too indefatigable.

I have been uncomfortable for the past two days.

If you are free, sister, can you go to Qingge Hall instead of me to visit Xiao Liangdi”

Chen Liangyuan was waiting for her words, and hurriedly responded.

“Okay, I happened to be idle recently, so it’s okay to go and see her.”

“Then there will be Sister Luo.”

After Chen Liangyuan left the Yulian Hall, she calculated in her heart as she walked.

She originally wanted to gain a foothold in this East Palace by clinging to Concubine Bai.

Concubine Bai Xianfei is frail and sickly, treats people gently, and looks like she has a good temper.

But after getting along with her for a long time, Chen Liangyuan discovered that this woman was a white lotus, and her weakness was just an illusion that she deliberately pretended.

In fact, her mind was deeper than anyone else.

She thanked Chen Liangyuan for her flattery and accepted all the orders, but Chen Liangyuan did not let Chen Liangyuan take advantage of it.

Obviously, Chen Liangyuan entered the palace before Xiao Liangdi, but Xiao Liangdi was already able to get the prince to take her to the birthday banquet, but she found it extremely difficult to even meet the prince.

If this continues, Royal Highness will completely forget her sooner or later.

She thought that she was no inferior to other women in the palace in appearance and talent, and she was unwilling to be forgotten like this.

She wants to fight for favour, she wants to be a master!

Since Concubine Bai can’t help her, then she will figure out a way for herself!

Xiao Xixi was paralyzed in bed for a whole morning.

Until noon, she got up for a meal, then went for a walk in the backyard to eat, and admired the domineering rooster and its harem by the way.

Xiao Xixi: “I see that the hen doesn’t seem to move very much.

Could it be sick”

Bao Qin: “Do you need to ask the veterinarian to show it”

“No, just stew it, just to make up for my body.”


“Why are you looking at me like that”

Bao Qin said blankly: “Your body is still relatively weak now, and your stomach and intestines have limited digestive ability.

You can’t eat too greasy food.”

Xiao Xixi refused to admit defeat: “Even if I can’t eat chicken, I can give it to the prince.

Isn’t he going to come to us for dinner tonight Let’s kill a chicken and entertain him.

If he thinks it’s delicious…”

Bao Qin’s eyes lit up: “If he thinks it’s delicious, he will come to Qingge Hall again in the future!”

“No, if he thinks it’s delicious, he will allow us to expand the chicken coop and raise more chickens and ducks.

Then I will be able to eat chickens every day from now on, Hehehe!”


Bao Qin silently gave herself a mouthful.

I am so stupid.

How can I think that the master is trying to win favour

Although in a desperate mood, Bao Qin carried the immovable hen and went to the small kitchen.


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