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Chapter 24: Carrying the Pot for Others

Luo Qinghan’s lips pursed slightly uncontrollably.

He should have known a long time ago that his mother didn’t care if he was poisoned or not, nor did she care if he was doing well or badly.

All she cared about was the position of the prince.

Luo Qinghan lowered his eyes, concealed the emotional changes in his eyes, and said respectfully: “I have sent someone to investigate, and there must be results soon.”

Empress Qin looked at him indifferently: “Can there be results tomorrow”


“You were raised by the palace.

You know how much effort the palace has devoted to you.

Don’t let the palace down, you know”

“I know.”

“Stand down.”

“Mother, please take a good rest, and your son will retire.”

The conversation between mother and son ended here.

There was not even an ordinary greeting throughout the whole process, and it was cold, giving people the illusion that they were not a living person, but an object.

After leaving the Jiaofang Hall, Luo Qinghan exhaled slowly, as if to spit out all the air conditioning he had just inhaled.

He returned to the East Palace and asked people to call all his confidants.

Eunuch Chang reminded in a low voice: “Your Highness, you haven’t eaten lunch yet, do you want to eat first”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

The position of prince seems to be beautiful, but in fact it is extremely risky.

As a sovereign, he deserves to let more people see his talents, but he can’t get too close to the courtiers, so as not to arouse the suspicion of his father.

Therefore, there are not many people Luo Qinghan can use under his hands.

In addition to the crown prince Taishi, Crown Prince Taifu, and Crown Prince Taibao who taught him knowledge, there are also Prince Young Master, Prince Shaofu, Prince Shaobao, and the commander of the Yulin Army.

Zhao Xian and Nie Changping, the king of Xiaojun.

The first seven people are all people who are tied to the prince in the same boat.

They have common interests and must be on the prince’s side.

Only Nie Changping, the king of Xiaojun, is different.

He can stand in the prince’s camp entirely out of the friendship he has grown up with since he was a child.

He and Luo Qinghan are very good friends.

In order to find out the truth about the poisoning as soon as possible, Luo Qinghan called them all to East Palace.

Because the prince Taishi is getting older, his health is not very good, and he often gets sick, and he has rarely entered the palace recently.

He did not come today, but he let his eldest son come, which can be regarded as a sign of his support for the prince.

A group of people discussed the matter in the study.

Knowing that the queen asked the prince to find out the result tomorrow, Nie Changping couldn’t help but tsk.

“The Empress has really high standards and strict requirements for Her Royal Highness as always.”

The prince Taifu said, “This shows that the Queen Mother attaches great importance to Her Royal Highness.”

Nie Changping sneered and was dismissive of this.

He has been playing with Luo Qinghan since he was a child, and he knows Luo Qinghan’s affairs very well.

The Empress Qin seemed to have high hopes for Luo Qinghan, but in fact, she just wanted to use Luo Qinghan to gain the position of crown prince.

Luo Qinghan’s biological mother died when he was very young, and he was sent to Jiaofang Hall and handed over to Empress Qin to rise.

In the early years, Empress Qin was injured due to miscarriage, and she could no longer conceive and bear children.

It happened that Luo Qinghan lost his biological mother and he was helpless in this harem and could only live with her, so she did her best to train Luo Qinghan and help him win the position of prince.

To put it bluntly, the two of them are just using each other’s relationship.

Luo Qinghan was listening to Zhao Xian’s report on his work.

“My subordinates have already checked.

It is not the wine that is poisonous, but the wine glass.

The wine glass has been poisoned, so only your glass of wine that is poured out of the same jug is poisonous.”

In other words, even if the grand prince didn’t come to pour Luo Qinghan wine last night, as long as Luo Qinghan drank the wine, he would be poisoned.

The great prince’s tossing was purely for others to carry the pot.


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