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Chapter 23: The Object of Suspicion

As soon as Luo Qinghan walked into the council chamber, he was asked by the emperor about the poisonous wine last night.

“Do you think the boss poisoned you”

The eldest prince Luo Yechen couldn’t help interjecting: “Father, my son was not poisoned, my son was wronged!”

The emperor scolded sharply: “Shut up!”

Luo Yechen shrank his shoulders when he was trained, and closed his mouth bitterly.

The emperor stared at Luo Qinghan and asked again.

“Prince, I want to hear your thoughts.

Do you really think the boss did this”

Luo Qinghan: “Elder brother is not that kind of vicious person.

Even if there is any contradiction between our brothers, he will not poison me.

I guessed that someone else should have plotted to murder under the guise of his eldest brother.

If the plan succeeded and the eldest brother would be all over.

This is a plan to kill two birds with one stone.”

After he said these words, he could obviously feel the emperor’s expression loosened a bit.

The emperor looked at Luo Yechen and asked in a deep voice, “Did you hear what the prince said”

Luo Yechen lowered his head: “I heard it.”

“You just yelled that the prince deliberately.”

Luo Yechen knelt down: “It’s because I am narrow-minded, and I accepts the punishment.”

The emperor’s gaze passed from the ten princes present one by one, and he said word by word.

“I know that you are dissatisfied with the fact that the third son was appointed as the prince, but you have to remember that you are brothers and you have the same blood flowing in your bodies! I will never allow the mutilation of brothers and sisters in our family.

Do you understand”

The princes were taken aback, and knelt down neatly and bowed their heads.

“Your son obeys the teachings of his father!”

The emperor slowed down and signalled that the princes could leave, but the prince Luo Qinghan was left behind.

The emperor looked at Luo Qinghan in front of him and hesitated before speaking.

“Prince, I was assassinated during the siege last time, and this time I was poisoned by someone in wine.

What do you think in your heart”

Luo Qinghan said calmly: “I have asked someone to investigate these two things, and the truth must come out soon.”

“Do you have anyone who suspects”

“Not yet.”

“Have you ever doubted your brothers”


The emperor nodded: “It’s fine if you don’t.

Although you are the prince, you are also my son.

I don’t want the future prince of the Dasheng Dynasty to be a cold-blooded person who would even suspect his own brothers.”

Luo Qinghan lowered his eyes and replied: “Your son understands that there must be a traitor framed, trying to provoke the feelings between our brothers, your son will not be fooled, please rest assured.”

“If you can understand this, you haven’t wasted my trust in you.”


When Luo Qinghan came out of the council Chamber, it was already noon.

He stood on the steps and looked at the towering palaces in front of him.

The father hopes that their brothers can love each other.

But born in this palace, facing the temptation of power, how many people can truly hold the bottom line

Eunuch Chang asked cautiously: “Your Highness, are you going back to East Palace now”

“Go to Jiaofang Hall.”

Jiaofang Hall is the residence of the queen.

At this moment, she has just finished lunch and is preparing for a lunch break.

Luo Qinghan stepped forward to greet him: “My honour, I would like to greet my mother.”

Empress Qin always has a cold and dignified appearance.

Even if this is the Jiaofang Hall, even if she is facing a child raised by her own hands, she still sits upright and and there is no flaw in her body.

“The palace heard that you were poisoned last night.”

“After returning from mother’s party, I did not drink the glass of poisonous wine, and my health was not in serious trouble.”

“This is not what I want to ask, I just want to know how you plan to deal with this matter”


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