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Chapter 22: You finally know that you have invited a pet!

After breakfast, Luo Qinghan took a sip of tea and asked lightly: “How are you feeling now” Is it still uncomfortable”

Xiao Xixi clutched her stomach and said pitifully: “It’s still not very comfortable.

The concubine may have to rest for a long time before she can fully recover.”

“Since it’s uncomfortable, why did you eat so much just now”

“This concubine is young and still growing up, so I have to eat more.”

Luo Qinghan looked at her, and her face did have a bit of girlish childishness, like flower bones that had not yet fully blossomed.

The line of sight slowly moves down……

Xiao Xixi immediately covered her chest: “Where is Highness looking”

Luo Qinghan said indifferently: “Do you think you have something worth seeing alone”

Xiao Xixi: “…”

She felt that she had been humiliated!

She is flatter now, but she is still growing!

She said angrily: “The concubine will grow up, your Highness, don’t underestimate people!”

The corners of Luo Qinghan’s mouth rose slightly.

But soon, that little arc dropped again, and it changed back to a cold and faint look.

“Just wait and see.”

At this moment, the little Eunuch walked in and said respectfully, “Royal Highness, Your Majesty calls you to the council chamber.”

Luo Qinghan stood up and said to the woman on the bed.

“I’m leaving first, you have to take a good rest, and I’ll come to see you again in the evening.”

Xiao Xixi took advantage of the situation and asked, “Do you want to wait for you to have dinner in the evening”

Luo Qinghan glanced at her meaningfully, and then responded.


When he was far away, Xiao Xixi was still thinking back to the look in his eyes just now.

How could she feel that his eyes were weird

Bao Qin rushed over and grabbed Xiao Xixi’s shoulder, her face flushed with excitement.

“Little master, you finally know that you have invited a pet!”

Xiao Xixi’s face was full of question marks: “What kind of pet are you inviting”

“Didn’t you invite Your Royal Highness to have dinner at Qingge Hall just now When the dinner is over, your Royal Highness will definitely rest in the Qingge Hall.

My God, you can finally sleep!”

Xiao Xi was as if he had been blasted by five thunderbolts.

What do you sleep for

Who is going to sleep

Is she underage yet

She finally knew what happened to Luo Qinghan’s eyes before he left!

He must have thought he was inviting pets!

Oh, my God, she really just asked casually, she just wanted to be polite to the prince!

Who knew he would agree

Who knew that he not only agreed, but also made up for something else

Xiao Xixi slumped upright on the bed, like a dying salted fish, weakly complained: “I was poisoned last night and almost died.

I can’t get off the ground now.

He actually want me to sleep with him Does he still have humanity”

Bao Qin was a little more sober.

“Yes, you are still sick.

According to the rules, sick concubines cannot sleep in bed.”

Xiao Xixi relaxed: “It seems that this palace is still a bit humane, so I am relieved.”

“What are you relieved of It’s not easy for you to have the opportunity to keep Royal Highness.

Even if you can’t serve, you have to find a way to deepen Royal Highness’s impression of you, so that Royal Highness can often come to Qingge Hall in the future, and your grace can last forever.”

Seeing that Bao Qin was gushing, Xiao Xixi directly pulled the quilt up, covered her head, and pretended to be a dead salted fish, but she couldn’t hear anything.

After talking for a long time, Bao Qin saw that the little master did not respond, and she was angry and indisputable, and because she felt distressed that her body was still very weak, she couldn’t bear to embarrass her, so she had to leave helplessly.

The news that the prince was poisoned last night was concealed.

Outsiders did not know it, but the emperor and the princes were not outsiders.

The emperor had already learned what happened last night from the mouths of the princes.

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