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Chapter 2 I went to find him to save his life

  Xiao Xixi hugged his thigh and didn’t let go.

The mothers took a lot of effort to pull her away.

  Even so, she was still shouting.

   “His Royal Highness must be careful, someone wants to plot against you!”

  Until she was dragged away, her cry remained for a long time.

  Everyone lowered their heads, concentrating and holding their breath, not even daring to breathe.

Only Eunuch Chang raised his head cautiously and glanced at the prince quietly.


  Luo Qinghan’s face was so gloomy that it almost dripped water.

  He wanted to slash the woman who pretended to be a ghost now.

But his strong self-control made him endure it.

Today he is going to accompany his father the emperor to go hunting.

The other princes have already set off.

He must not be late.

He can only suppress this bad breath for the time being and wait to deal with the woman when he comes back!

  Luo Qinghan flicked his sleeves, and surrounded by court ladies and eunuchs, he strode out of the East Palace.

  No more than half a day.

  The news that Xiao Liangdi intercepted the prince halfway and was furious and was imprisoned in Lengxiang Tower spread throughout the entire East Palace.

  Xiao Xixi was originally the daughter of General Zhongwu, but was assigned to the prince in the draft and became the prince Liangdi.

It has been half a year since she entered the palace, but she has not even seen the prince’s face once, and she herself is a salted fish.

She does not fight or grab, and she nests in her Qingge Hall every day Waiting to die.

Just when everyone thought she would continue to be a salted fish, she suddenly gave everyone a cruel gesture.

Not only did she stop the prince in public, she hugged the prince’s thigh with her face, and even threatened the prince

Xiao Liangdi is simply jumping repeatedly on the verge of death!

  Throughout the dozens of concubines in the backyard of the East Palace, there are endless ways to fight for favor, but no woman can be as timid as Xiao Liangdi.

  Whether you know her or don’t, they think she is dead this time.

  Lengxianglou is the most remote part of the East Palace.

   Like its name, this place is really deserted and unpopular.

   Xiao Liangdi, who was discussed by countless people, was lying lazily in the chaise longue at this time, listening to Baoqin’s complaints while licking melon seeds.

“My lady, you have been lost for half a year, and finally you wake up and you are willing to fight for favor.

This slave is very happy.

There are thousands of ways to fight for favor.

Why did you choose the worst one Look at you now, you provoked the prince.

The prince was disgusted and locked you in this dilapidated Lengxiang building.

What shall we master and servant do”

Xiao Xixi spit out the skin of the melon seeds: “I didn’t intend to fight for favor.”

Baoqin didn’t believe it: “If you don’t want to fight for favor, why do you rush to hug the thigh of His Royal Highness”

   “I have already said that the Prince’s Printing Hall is dark and there is a risk of blood and light.

I went to find him to save his life.”

  Baoqin looked at her blankly, with five words on her face–

Did you read my letter

  Xiao Xixi passed the melon seeds in her hand.

   “Come on, eat some melon seeds to calm your breath.”

  Baoqin indifferently refused.

  Xiao Xixi said: “I want to eat hot pot tonight.

I want to put a lot of spicy ones.”

“Mistress, This servant reminds you that you have offended His Royal Highness.

What you should think now is how to obtain His Royal Highness’s forgiveness, not what should you eat tonight”

“Oh, can’t I eat hot pot tonight Can’t I really eat it”

Xiao Xixi looked at Baoqin eagerly for a full minute.

  Finally, Baoqin was defeated, and said bitterly.

“Slaves would think of a way.”

  Although her master is a salted fish, what can she do

can only be spoiled.


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