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Chapter 110: Hard to Swallow

Zhao Xian deliberately found a secret place, hid the four assassins, and sent twenty guards to guard them strictly.

Nie Changping’s side was simpler.

A glass of poisonous wine was delivered, and Yicheng died that day.

Although Yi Cheng was only a junior official at the end of the line, he was also eating public meals anyway.

As soon as he died, he would have to report to the court.

The cause of death given by Nie Changping was suicide because of fear of crime.

As for why Yicheng committed suicide because of fear of crime, the file had to be written very vaguely, and there was a taste of wanting to conceal it.

But everyone has a brain.

When the news comes out, everyone will think of the assassination of the prince at the station, and they will naturally be able to guess the reason.

After arranging everything, in the early morning of the third day, the convoy regrouped and continued south along the Yijiang River.

This mighty team of thousands of people looks no different from before, and the prince’s frame is still there, but only a few people know that the person sitting in the car is not the prince at all, but a stand-in who is similar in size to the prince.

The real prince had already boarded the merchant ship heading south in disguise.

Luo Qingshan originally only planned to bring Xiao Xixi and the four guards, but Nie Changping had to follow with a dead face.

Nie Changping himself brought two more little guys and two guards, so they changed from six to eleven.

Luo Qinghan pretended to be a rich young master who went south to play, and Xiao Xixi was his younger brother.

Although the two were not similar in birth, they were both very good-looking, and they were very seductive when they stood together.

As soon as they show up, they will always attract the attention of many people.

The merchant ship went down the river, it was much faster than taking a carriage on the road.

Xiao Xixi only stood on the deck for a while out of curiosity when she first boarded the ship, then retracted back to the cabin and continued to sleep in her big sleep.

She still lives in the same room with Luo Qingshan.

Merchant ships do not provide meals, and passengers can only find a way to solve three meals a day.

So Luo Qingshan and others could only chew dry food.

This kind of steamed buns steamed with fine white noodles are white and soft, and the taste is not bad, but it is really difficult for His Royal Highness, who is used to eating the imperial meal in the palace, to swallow.

Not only the prince, Nie Changping also found it difficult to eat.

But you can’t do it if you don’t eat it.

There is still a long way to go.

You can’t starve yourself to death.

She had already eaten all the snacks Xiao Xixi brought, and she also followed everyone to eat steamed buns and mustard.

She was the one who had the most joy in gnawing steamed buns among all the people present.

She took a bite of steamed buns and a bite of mustard, and she ate happily.

Luo Qingshan put down the half of the steamed buns that he hadn’t finished in his hand, and said blankly: “I can’t eat it anymore.”

Xiao Xixi said worriedly: “You have eaten too little, you will be hungry later.”

“Let’s talk about it when you’re hungry.”

Seeing that he really didn’t want to eat it anymore, Xiao Xixi simply took her steamed buns and ate them with a big mouthful, not at all disgusted that the steamed buns had been eaten.

Luo Qingshan watched her eat, thinking that he had just eaten this steamed bun, and now she was eating it again, the two of them bit their lips in the same place.……

His mood couldn’t help but become subtle.

Seeing Xiao Xi’s face bulging when he ate, Nie Changping was strangely cute, and he wanted to reach out and pinch it.

It’s a pity that Xiao Xi is already a member of the prince.

Nie Changping didn’t dare to molest the prince’s people, so he could only continue to eat steamed buns.

The more she ate, the more it became unbearable.

He really couldn’t eat it anymore, and wanted to throw away the remaining half of the steamed buns.

Xiao Xixi said while eating: “This is all food, don’t waste it.”

Nie Changping didn’t care: “It’s just half a steamed bun.

In normal times, this kind of rough food is not even qualified to be served.”

Luo Qingshan looked at him coldly: “Finish it.”


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