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Chapter 11: A Bit Cute

Concubine Bai Xianfei whispered softly: “The concubine was upset when she learned that her Royal Highness was almost injured.

After blowing a little cold wind, she became ill again.

Ahem, I blame the concubine for being too useless.”

Luo Qinghan asked, “Have you seen a doctor”

Concubine Bai’s eyes were as tender as water, and her voice became softer and more beautiful: “It’s just a minor illness.

You don’t need to alarm the doctor.

I will just go back and lie down for a while.

Thank you for your concern.”

“If you are sick, you still have to treat it as soon as possible.

Later, you can ask someone to take the lonely sign to the Tai Hospital to find someone to take a look.”

Concubine Bai Xianfei lowered her head, and a faint blush appeared on her fair face, revealing a bit of shame in her daughter’s family, which was very seductive.

She responded softly.


Chen Liangyuan pressed the sourness in her heart, smiled and complimented: “Your Royal Highness is so kind to Sister Bai.”

Concubine Bai Xian said softly: “Your Royal Highness treats everyone very well.”

Chen Liangyuan deliberately showed a naive attitude: “No, Your Highness is the best for sister!”

Concubine Bai Xianfei said nothing, but looked at the prince with tender eyes.

Concubine Li Bianfei scolded Concubine Li Bianfei in her heart.

This white lotus flower knows that it is shameless to pretend to be weak and attract the attention of His Royal Highness the prince!

And Chen Liangyuan is also a brainless person, she knows the stinky feet holding white lotus flowers, thinking that this way she can gain a foothold in east Palace Let’s dream!

Concubine Li Bianfei turned her eyes and showed a bright and charming smile.

“Your Royal Highness, this concubine has been practicing Western dance recently, and she has already achieved a little success.

I wonder if Royal Highness can come to this concubine to watch one or two tonight”

The concubines just want to lie down.

Concubine Bai Xianfei was just attracting the prince’s attention, and Concubine Li Bianfei was actually about to take the prince to spend the night in her courtyard! It’s shameless!

Luo Qinghan said lightly: “Let’s talk about it.”

Concubine Li Bianfei didn’t want to give up, and continued to be coquettish, trying to get him to change his mind.

The other concubines were not far behind, and they racked their brains to find reasons for the prince to spend the night with them tonight.

Luo Qinghan remained motionless.

He has been accustomed to this kind of plot since he was a child.

His gaze swept past the women, and finally stopped on Xiao Xixi’s body.

At this time, all the women were trying their best to compete for favour, only Xiao Xixi was still eating with her head buried in her stomach.

The peels in front of her had already been piled up.

Looking at the quantity, she must have eaten a lot before he came.

Luo Qinghan couldn’t help calling out.

“Xiao Liangdi.”

Xiao Xixi raised h head, still chewing food in her mouth, her cheeks bulging.

Luo Qinghan remembered the little squirrel he raised when she was a child.

She looks a lot like that squirrel now.

Kind of cute.

When the prince named Xiao Liangdi, all the women closed their mouths, and they turned their heads to look at Xiao Xixi in unison.

Xiao Xixi, who was originally almost transparent, became the focus of the audience’s attention in a blink of an eye.

Xiao Xixi quickly swallowed the food in her mouth and stood up.

“What is Royal Highness’s order”

Luo Qinghan turned the teacup in his hand and said carelessly: “Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday.

In the evening, a banquet will be held in Fengqi Garden.

You will go with me to attend.” Xiao Xixi blinked her apricot eyes.

The queen’s birthday party.

There must be a lot of delicious food, right

Go go go!

It’s not a person if you don’t go!

She nodded excitedly: “Okay!”

If the concubines’ gaze at Xiao Xixi just now was only envy, jealousy and hatred, then now their gaze is envy, jealousy and hatred multiplied by the Nth power of ten.

That deep jealousy was almost about to cut Xiao Xixi to pieces.


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