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Chapter 108: Complete Personal and Physical Evidence

Luo Qingshan waved his hand and motioned for the two of them to go to work on their own.

Nie Changping and Zhao Xian were ordered to leave.

Because of the assassin, they had to stay here for an extra day.

The Prince Shaofu and the Prince Shaobao can just use this day to arrange separate actions.

They had to get a new identity for the prince, which included not only dry clothes and food, but also road citations, and they had to choose a ship that was neither too eye-catching nor safe and reliable.

Everyone was all busy, only Xiao Xixi was still sleeping.

Anyway, there is no need to rush today.

After she got up for breakfast, she got into the quilt and continued to sleep.

Luo Qingshan didn’t care about her either, and let her sleep.

When the palace ladies and eunuchs saw this, they were all secretly shocked.

Xiao Xi was too favoured.

Not only could he eat and live with the prince, but he could also sleep late in front of the prince.

With that natural look, he really didn’t treat himself as a slave at all!

Eunuch Chang was extremely strict, and with him sitting down, no one dared to chew on the roots of his tongue, even if the soul of gossip was already burning, they didn’t even dare to say a word.

In the afternoon, Nie Changping and Zhao Xian came again.

Both of them brought good news.

Nie Changping said: “I used the name of the prince to defraud those officials.

The Yicheng named Chen Shun changed his face immediately.

After I was caught, he was coerced and forced him to confide in the truth.

It turned out that his elder brother was working under the hands of the great prince.

He was instructed by his elder brother to help hide the four assassins in the station.

This was his confession.”

It was also because of Yicheng’s cover that they didn’t see any clues when they moved into the station yesterday.

Zhao Xian said: “I deliberately interrogated the four assassins separately and checked them one by one.

None of them reacted much.

Only one person showed strong suspicion when he heard me mention the prince.


I stared at him for interrogation and lied that the other three people had confessed, otherwise I would not know about the prince.

As a result, he believed it was true, and all of a sudden, this was his confession.”

Luo Qinghan looked at the two confessions placed side by side in front of him.

Everything is indeed as Xiao Xixi said.

These four assassins are the dead soldiers raised by the great Prince Luo Yechen.

They were appointed by the great prince to assassinate the prince in cooperation with Yicheng.

The human and physical evidence is complete, and there is no doubt that the real murderer is the prince.

Nie Changping said angrily: “The great prince sent someone to assassinate His Royal Highness.

This is a capital crime, and he must not be forgiven!”

Luo Qinghan didn’t react much.

This is not the first time he has been assassinated, and naturally it will not be the last.

If you have more times, you will naturally get used to it.

He put down his confession and calmly said: “Find a secret place, lock up the four assassins, and send someone to guard them.

Don’t let them run away, and don’t let them die.

As for that Yicheng…Give him a glass of poisonous wine and let him end it by himself.”

He has to continue to go south, he can’t delay too much time here, and he can’t send the personal and physical evidence back to Shengjing and hand it over to the Criminal Department for processing.

Now that others are not in Shengjing, they cannot grasp the situation in Shengjing in time.

In case someone gets in the way, his personal and physical evidence is likely to be burned.

Luo Qingshan could only put the case down for the time being, and after the matter of seeking rain was resolved, he would personally bring the human and physical evidence back to Shengjing and have a good chat with his eldest brother in person.

After dispatching the two of them, Luo Qinghan got up and walked around the screen, and saw Xiao Xixi sitting on the cushion.


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