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Chapter 107: A Thorn in the Eye and a Thorn in the Flesh

Luo Qinghan narrowed his eyes slightly.

The great prince Luo Yechen did support a group of dead soldiers, because he was generous, and the people under his opponents were very generous, and there were quite a few people who were willing to be dead soldiers for him.

If it’s really a dead man, I’m afraid I won’t be able to ask anything for a while.

People who can become dead soldiers have undergone special training, and ordinary punishment does not work for them.

That being the case, he didn’t have to wait hard, so he went to bed for a while.

Luo Qingshan took off his shirt and went to bed to lie down.

When Xiao Xixi saw that he was finally asleep, he also fell down.

Eunuch Chang helped the two of them pull the quilt together, blew out the oil lamp, and retreated silently.

In the dark, when Xiao Xixi was about to fall asleep, he suddenly heard the man next to him ask.

“Were you scared just now”

Xiao Xixi insisted on drowsiness and replied, “Are you okay”

Luo Qingshan thought she was pretending to be calm, and a big man would be afraid when he encountered the situation just now, let alone she was just a weak woman.

He whispered: “If you are afraid, you can hold me.”

Xiao Xixi wanted to say that she was really not afraid, but when she saw the prince’s somewhat expectant eyes, she changed her mind again.

After all, she is the one he chose, and it is okay to treat him occasionally.

She obediently stretched out her hand and grabbed Luo Qingshan’s sleeve.

Luo Qinghan wanted to say, what’s the use of grabbing the sleeve You should grab my hand.

But in the end he still wants face.

He couldn’t say this kind of self-depreciating words, he said angrily: “That’s all you have to say.”

After speaking, without waiting for Xiao Xi to react, she closed her eyes and fell asleep angrily.

Xiao Xixi was in a state of half-dreaming and half-waking at this time, and her mind turned very slowly.

She didn’t know how the prince got angry again.

After thinking about it, she felt that it should be because she didn’t eat enough at night.

If people don’t eat enough, they can easily get angry.

It should be fine if you give him two more sips of food tomorrow.

Thinking so, she closed her eyes and fell asleep with peace of mind.

The facts were indeed as Luo Qingshan had expected.

Zhao Xian had been interrogated for a whole night, and had used all methods, but he still couldn’t ask anything from the mouths of the four assassins.

Nie Changping turned the entire station from the inside out several times, and failed to find the assassin’s accomplice again.

Luo Qingshan asked, “Where are the officials in the station”

“All of them have been detained.

They were interrogated overnight last night, and they didn’t ask anything useful.”

Luo Qingshan remembered what Xiao Xixi said last night.

He ordered Zhao Xian and Nie Changping.

“You take the prince to deceive them.”

Both of them were taken aback.

Nie Changping tentatively asked: “Your Highness means that this matter was the work of the prince”

Luo Qinghan sneered: “The eldest prince, because he is the eldest son, has always regarded the position of prince as something in his bag.

Since Gu was appointed as the prince, Gu has become a thorn in his eyes and a thorn in his flesh.

He hates every day that he can’t replace Gu.

It’s no surprise that he will send someone to assassinate Gu in order to compete for the position of prince.”

Nie Changping thought for a while, with the impulsive and irritable character of the eldest prince, he was really capable of such a bastard.

He said speechlessly: “If something really happens to his Royal Highness, the eldest prince is the first person to be suspected.

Isn’t he afraid of being found out”

Luo Qingshan: “So it is very likely that there are others in it who are fuelling the tide.”

The position of the prince is a sweet potato, and everyone wants to take it for themselves, but everyone is scrupulous about reputation, for fear of being accused by his father of being cruel to his brothers and sisters, which will make his father disgusted, so most of the princes are still waiting and watching.

Only the eldest prince, a big fool, would have thought that as long as Luo Qingshan was removed, the position of the prince would be his.


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