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Chapter 105: Assassination in the Middle of the night

Immediately afterwards, the door of the room was slammed open, and Zhao Xian rushed in with dozens of guards carrying knives.

They obviously had been ambushed nearby a long time ago before they could arrive at the scene in such a short time.

When the assassins saw this, their hearts sank to the bottom.

They knew that they had been ambushed by the enemy, and they regretted it in their hearts.

But at this point, they had no way out, they could only pounce on the prince in spite of everything, even if they were to die, they had to kill the prince first!

Zhao Xian rushed up with the guards to rescue the driver.

The assassins completely ignored the guards, their eyes were red, like madmen, and their swords kept slashing at the prince!

Luo Qinghan was one against four, and he didn’t fall into the wind at all.

As for Xiao Xixi, she was firmly protected by him, preventing those assassins from having a chance to hurt her.

In a blink of an eye, Zhao Xian had already rushed to the front with people and fought with the four assassins.

The assassins originally wanted to gritted their teeth and fight, but the number of opponents was much larger than them, and their fists were difficult to fight with four hands, and they were quickly defeated.

This time Luo Qinghan did not give them another chance to commit suicide.

As soon as he caught them, he ordered them to remove their chins and forcibly pulled out the poison sac hidden in the gap between their posterior molar teeth.

The four assassins were tied up and knelt on the ground.

Because their chins were removed, their mouths could not be closed, and the saliva flowed down the corners of their mouths, which made them look particularly embarrassed with their blue noses and swollen faces.

Soon the small county king Nie Changping, Prince Shaofu, Prince Shaobao, Eunuch Chang and others rushed over after hearing the news.

When they learned of the assassination of the prince, they were all very nervous.

They didn’t let go of their hearts until they confirmed with their own eyes that the prince was safe and sound.

Fortunately, the prince was fine, otherwise they would all be ruined.

Luo Qingshan had already gotten out of bed, and Xiao Xixi wanted to get out of bed, but he was wrapped in a quilt.

He warned in a low voice: “Stay honest and don’t move.”


Xiao Xixi was wrapped in a quilt like this, revealing only one head, her long hair was scattered, and her goose-egg face became more and more white and delicate.

This scene fell in the eyes of everyone present, and the reactions were different.

Eunuch Chang and Zhao Xian knew Xiao Liangdi’s identity, so they were not surprised.

But others don’t know the inside story!

In the eyes of others, the prince has a crush on a little eunuch!

Although this little eunuch was born with beautiful eyebrows, he is a eunuch after all!

The Prince Shaofu and the Prince Shaobao were very sad.

The way they looked at Xiao Xixi was no different from the treachery that harmed the country and the people.

It was this little fairy who defiled their Royal Highness the Prince of ice and jade!

Xiao Xixi shrank her neck when she was stared at by their fierce eyes, and felt inexplicably in her heart.

She didn’t send the assassin.

Why did he stare at her like this She is also very innocent.

After a short period of consternation, Nie Changping, the king of Xiaojun, showed a dawning expression.

“His Royal Highness, I didn’t expect you to be okay with this bite.

You should have said it earlier.

If I had known that Xiao Xi was your person, I would definitely not dare to tease her.”

Luo Qingshan looked at him coldly: “Try another nonsense.”

Nie Changping remembered the inhumane torture he had suffered in the past month, and immediately confessed, not daring to talk nonsense anymore.

When Eunuch Chang saw that His Royal Highness was still wearing pajamas, he quickly brought a coat and put it on him to prevent him from getting cold.

Luo Qinghan succinctly explained the assassination.

The Prince Shaofu and the Prince Shaobao knelt down and confessed their mistakes in unison.

“It was the incompetence of the ministers and others who did not protect His Royal Highness that caused His Royal Highness to be attacked by assassins, and the ministers were willing to be punished!”


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