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Chapter 101: Acting Alone

Luo Qinghan refused the county magistrate’s banquet and stayed at the local station.

The station has limited rooms and cannot accommodate too many people.

The guards and eunuchs can only camp outside.

At night, Luo Qinghan discussed the next itinerary with everyone in the room.

According to the original plan, they should go south along Yijiang all the way.

But Luo Qinghan planned to change his plan.

“I plan to give up the carriage and go south by boat, which will be faster.”

The prince Shaofu said with a bitter face: “But we have too many people, and we can’t put together so many ships for a while.”

Luo Qinghan calmly said: “So the lone soldiers are divided into two ways.

You take a carriage and continue to walk south along the Yijiang River.

The lone disguised himself and quietly took a boat southward.

We will meet again when we arrive in Jingshou County.”

Everyone was shocked and shouted in unison: “Absolutely not!”

Luo Qinghan obviously had expected their reaction a long time ago, and he didn’t explain much.

He just listened quietly to the Prince Shaofu and the Prince Shaobao taking turns to dissuade him, repeating those old words over and over again, insisting that he would not be allowed to act alone.

Nie Changping, the king of Xiaojun, stood on the side of the prince.

On the one hand, he thought it was too boring to follow the big team, but it was more interesting to act alone.

On the other hand, it was because he really didn’t want to ride a horse anymore!

He had been riding a horse for a whole month, and his inner thighs and buttocks were all worn out, bleeding and in terrible pain.

There are also his two long straight legs, because he has to ride a horse every day, he is almost tortured into a circle of legs!

Thinking about it is a bitter tear.

He really, never wants to ride a horse again in his life!

Nie Changping’s heart was full of a strong desire to take the boat.

Seeing that the Prince Shaofu and the Prince Shaobao did not agree to take the boat, he immediately pinched the two of them.

The two sides started a verbal battle, and no one refused to back down, and the battle was quite fierce.

As a military attaché, Zhao Xian didn’t have much right to speak on this kind of matter, so he stood silently and listened.

Standing next to him to watch the battle, there were also Eunuch Chang and Xiao Xixi.

Eunuch Chang looked at his nose and his heart, as if the old monk was settled.

As for Xiao Xixi……

She was dozing off.

That’s right, she just stood and dozed off!

When Eunuch Chang caught a glimpse of her standing and falling asleep, he was so admired that she fell to the ground.

He has never seen anyone who can fall asleep while standing!

Fortunately, she has a special identity, and Eunuch Chang is not easy to discipline, so he can only be regarded as not seeing it.

This has to be replaced by an ordinary little eunuch.

If he dares to doze off while serving the prince, Eunuch Chang has to teach him a hard lesson!

Luo Qinghan didn’t speak again until both sides were so noisy that their mouths were dry and their voices were hoarse.

“Since you don’t want to, forget it.”

Everyone was surprised.

They thought the prince would fight for reason, but they didn’t expect him to compromise so quickly.

The Prince Shaofu and the Prince Shaobao were afraid that the prince would regret it, and hurriedly said: “It’s best for His Royal Highness to figure it out.

It’s getting late.

His Royal Highness will rest for a long time, and the minister will retire.”

After speaking, they quickly slipped away.

Zhao Xian also said goodbye and left.

Nie Changping, the king of Xiaojun, refused to leave, and said angrily: “His Royal Highness, why did you compromise You are the prince, and they must listen to what you say even if they don’t want to!”

Luo Qinghan said lightly: “Even if you force them to bow their heads and compromise, they are still unconvinced after all.

Only when they see the necessity of splitting up with their own eyes will they be convinced.”

Nie Changping was very curious: “Does Your Highness have any other plans”

“You will know soon.”


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