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Chapter 10: Are you sick again

Concubine Li chuckled: “Since His Royal Highness is very busy, why did he still have time to go to Lengxianglou the night before yesterday”

After speaking, she deliberately glanced at Xiao Xixi.

Xiao Xixi was burying her head to eat, and did not receive any eye contact with Concubine Li Bianfei at all.

Concubine Li was angry.

This two fools!

She raised her volume slightly: “Sister Xiao, are you listening to us”

Xiao Xixi raised her head from the fruit refreshment and looked around blankly.

Upon seeing this, Concubine Bai Xianfei smiled softly: “Sister Xiao doesn’t seem to be listening.”

In fact, Xiao Xixi didn’t completely ignore it.

She still heard the general content.

She just didn’t understand what these women suddenly called her to do Is it in the hope that she can also join this conversation

That’s right, since she has eaten Concubine Bai’s melon and fruit snacks, she has to help warm up the field.

Xiao Xixi thought back intently.

Just now, they seemed to have mentioned Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and also mentioned the daily management of myriad opportunities.


Xiao Xixi asked solemnly: “Who is Li Wanji Why does Royal Highness want to punish him ”

Concubine Bai Xianfei: “…”

Concubine Li Bianfei: “…”

A group of concubines: “…”

Bao Qin was almost about to kneel down for her.

My eldest lady, look at what kind of Tiger and wolf words you are talking about

After a long period of dead silence.

Concubine Bai Xianfei spoke with difficulty to break the silence.

“It’s a bit windy today.”

Chen Liangyuan dryly agreed: “Yes, the wind is too strong, I didn’t hear anything just now.”

Concubine Li changed the subject neatly.

“I heard that Royal Highness was injured at some point during the hunting.”

This topic immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

They couldn’t wait to erase the words of Tiger and wolf from their memories just now, and collectively devoted themselves to the discussion of the topic of “the prince was almost injured”.

“Do you know what’s going on”

“I heard that the horse was frightened and threw Royal Highness down.”

“His Royal Highness can be safe and sound in this way.

It is indeed a profound blessing.”


The next step is everyone’s various fancy touts for Royal Highness.

Xiao Xixi couldn’t get in, so she happily continued to bury her head and eat.

At this moment, the voice of the eunuch came from outside.

“Royal Highness is here!”

The concubines did not expect that the prince would come, and they were all overjoyed.

They checked their appearance as quickly as possible and made sure that they were beautiful from head to toe.

Luo Qinghan stepped into Cuimingxuan.

He was wearing a blue wide-sleeved gown today.

The wind blows, and his clothes were fluttering.

Coupled with his cold and handsome face, he had a kind of ethereal temperament that would transform into a fairy at any time, and he was not as beautiful as a mortal.

Concubine Bai and Concubine Li took a group of concubines forward to meet the ceremony.

“The concubine paid a visit to Royal Highness the prince.”

There are more than a dozen beauties in Luo Qinghan’s backyard, all of which are thin and thin.

And he was in the midst of this group of concubines, like a handsome Tang monk who strayed into the fairy cave.

The more he sits still, the more he wants people to take off all his clothes.

Luo Qinghan asked lightly: “What were you talking about just now”

Except for Xiao Xixi, all the concubines froze in agreement.

What are we talking about

We are talking about why do you want Li Wanji

Cough cough!

Concubine Bai Xianfei coughed twice, and her voice was soft: “We were just talking about the injury of Royal Highness when he was hunting around.”

Concubine Li Bianfei’s tone was full of concern: “We are all very worried about the safety of Your Highness.”

The other concubines nodded in agreement.

“Yes, yes, Your Highness must take care of your health.”

Concubine Bai Xianfei coughed twice again, as if she was very uncomfortable.

Luo Qinghan looked at her: “Are you sick again”


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