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IDWTBR Chapter 9

“When the UTC reaches 00:00 on September 23, that is, the moment when the domestic time reaches 8:00 in the morning, all creatures on earth will fall into a coma for seven days at the same time.

Seven days later, when everyone wakes up collectively, the apocalypse would have begun.

Some people will not have any changes after waking up, others will become legendary ability users, and the rest will become zombies -monsters whose only instincts are to chase flesh.

The only way to kill zombies is to destroy their heads.

You can slash, burn or smash them.

Any way you can think of to destroy the heads of zombies can be used to become your way of destroying them and surviving the days to come.

There may be a crystal nucleus in a zombie’s brain; however it contains violent and unstable energy.

Please don’t try to absorb the crystal nucleus to avoid death.

People who are scratched or bitten by zombies will be infected, and there is a high probability of them becoming zombies.

A small part of the infected will become ability users, and the rest will directly become food for zombies.

Therefore, for everyone’s safety, please close your doors and windows and stay away from crowded places.

In addition, due to the change of the earth’s magnetic field, planes will soon become unusable, and communication methods will all be useless.

Please contact your relatives and friends as soon as possible.

The earth’s climate will become extreme, and the seasons will be distorted in a short period of time.

In the winter, please prepare clothes to keep out the cold.

Due to traffic accidents, damage due to zombies, and extreme weather, water and electricity will stop being supplied after a period of time.

Remember to store a lot of water while you can.

We can’t prevent the end of the world from coming.

The only thing we can do is to prepare for it and to minimize losses.

Good luck to everyone.

On the morning of September 23rd, just as everyone was getting up as usual for work and school, ready to start a new day, a letter announcing the end of the world quickly swept across the Internet.

This letter first appeared on the creeping ivy in an old school building of City C.

A large piece of white paper suddenly appeared in the original green plant overnight.

Curious students took it down and found such an announcement.

A letter announcing that the end of the world was coming.

They took a picture of this scene and letter and posted it on the Internet.

It quickly went viral.

At the same time, the security in City C discovered a rather terrifying thing – that paper initially appeared downstairs in the old school building through the dead corner of the CCTV cameras, and then those plants transported it upstairs.

It was not done by some mysterious person or by some institution.

It was those quiet plants that did it.

If plants had gained their own consciousness, did that mean that what was said on that piece of paper was true and that the end of the world was really coming

No one knew the answer to this question, so what else could they do now

Ye Xuan asked the vine to deliver this letter.

Last night, he quietly avoided all the surveillance cameras by relying on the good greenery in City C, and then let the vines control the ivy plants to fix all the paper he had printed on the gap between the ivy.

He created a scene that could not have happened before the end of the world.

How many people would believe his words could only depend on their fate.

At six o’clock in the morning, Ye Xuan, who had not slept all night, came to the kitchen and made a very hearty breakfast for himself, and ate the last meal before the apocalypse with the vines eating raw meat, which it disliked on the side.

After breakfast, he finally checked his preparations for the end of the world in turn.

The courtyard door outside, the main door of the home and the garage door were all locked, and the thickened and reinforced windows were all closed.

The solar power generation facilities on the roof could be put into use at any time, replacing the original electrical facilities.

The living room was full of water storage buckets and supplies on the go.

The space was filled with everything he could think of.

This was the best he could do.

The phone rang suddenly.

Ye Xuan picked it up and glanced at it.

It was Ling Jiaze.

This was probably the only thing he couldn’t let go of.

Ling Jiaze said quickly: “Hey, senior, have you seen the news on the Internet Are you at home currently Don’t go out if you are.

I’ll come find you right away.”

Ye Xuan listened to the messy background sounds on his side, frowned and said, “I saw the news, are you in school now”

“Yeah, I’m in the dormitory, and my roommate called me up when he saw the news.” Ling Jiaze said anxiously, “I just saw the news on the Internet, saying that the surveillance camera captured a letter from creeping ivy, which is beyond common sense.”

Ye Xuan thought to himself, beyond common sense was an underestimation.

“How many people are there in your dormitory now”

“Two, me and the classmate who woke me up just now.

The other person went to class.

Right now, I don’t know if he wants to come back to the dormitory or go straight home.

I’m going to drive to find you now.”

“Ling Jiaze! University C and my home are on opposite sides of City C.

It usually takes an hour to drive to get there.

Right now, there are people and cars everywhere.

It’s impossible for you to come here now, do you understand”

Thinking of this insurmountable one-hour drive, Ye Xuan bit his lip anxiously, feeling the tingling on his lips before regaining his senses.

He said as calmly as possible: “There are only you and your roommate in your dormitory now, that’s fine.

Call the third person to confirm he won’t come back.

If he won’t come back, you and your roommate are to lock the doors and windows.

Don’t open the door for anyone.”

Ling Jiaze calmed down after being yelled at by him.

It was almost seven o’clock now, and he could get to Ye Xuan’s house before eight o’clock if the road was smooth.

However in this environment of traffic jams everywhere, he couldn’t get through it at all.

The only thing he could do was pray that the end of the world wouldn’t really come, and figure out a way to live when if it did.

After calming down, Ling Jiaze quickly understood what Ye Xuan meant.

As he stood up and closed the half-open dormitory door, he asked uncertainly, “Senior, are you saying I should be on guard against others”

“Now that everyone knows that the end of the world might come, do you think no one will come to your dormitory which has so many things” Ye Xuan vaguely heard the voice of the radio and asked, “What did your school say”

Ling Jiaze listened to the summary and said, “We should remain calm and not panic.

Classes are currently suspended, and everyone can choose to go home or stay in the dormitory building.”

This was similar to what Ye Xuan had guessed.

He didn’t expect C University to organize students to face the end of the world right now.

An apocalypse was still too unbelievable, and the school was not sure.

Secondly, the school could not force students to do it.

They could organize activities to remove zombies in the face of external existential crises during the apocalypse, but when faced with internal matters such as resource allocation and personnel arrangement, there was not enough deterrence to force students to do things.

So far, the only thing the school could do was to give suggestions and let students choose for themselves.

“It would be good to find a place to stay separately.” Ye Xuan glanced at his watch and said, “If the time of the letter is correct, everyone would fall into a coma at 8:00 in the morning.

 You and your roommate can negotiate when it’s almost time to tie one hand to the bedpost, so that one person will not turn into a zombie and accidentally injure the other.

You can fill the cups and containers that are not in use with water, and if you have thick clothes, you can find them first.

Do you have a power bank Make sure to charge it up.”

“Okay! By the way, senior, I called you so early in the morning, do you still have time to prepare, or we…” Ling Jiaze was like a stuck old tape player, he couldn’t say anything.

He probably should hang up the phone and talk about it later.

However, if the end of the world really came and he hung up the phone now, would he never have a chance to talk to Ye Xuan again in this life

Ye Xuan sighed and said, “Have you called your family”

“Yeah, they’re all okay, and they’re all together.

They live quite far from City C, and I can’t make it back.”

Every family had its secrets.

Ye Xuan heard Ling Jiaze say this, and did not ask him about anymore about his family, but changed the subject: “Then if you think this is all right, you can go to negotiate with your roommate first, and prepare.

When everything is ready, you can talk to me again.

I’ll be waiting for you on the phone.”

Ling Jiaze was a little moved, but still said, “Senior, shouldn’t you use this time to prepare”

Ye Xuan smiled and said, “I don’t have anyone else at home.

I can talk to you on the speakerphone while doing things.

Come on, time is running out.”

“Okay, I’ll be back soon.”

The whole dormitory building was very noisy.

Ye Xuan could only hear Ling Jiaze and another boy talking, but he couldn’t quite hear what was being said, so he could only wait patiently.

He waited for about twenty minutes before he heard Ling Jiaze’s slightly panting voice say, “Senior, the preparations for both of us are complete.”

Ye Xuan lay on the sofa with his phone, found a comfortable position, and said slowly, “Tell me what you’ve done so far.

I’ll help you think about what’s left.”

“The two of us locked the dormitory door and blocked the door with the wardrobe.

A few people who came to us just now were also sent away.

No matter who knocks on the door, until it is safe, we will not open it.

When it is almost eight o’clock, we will both tie one hand to the bedpost, and if it is okay afterwards, we will undo it by ourselves.

If something ends happening, we will not end up hurting each other.

We both also cleaned the available containers, and filled them with water.

The stockpiled mineral water should also be enough.”

“That’s great.”

Ye Xuan explained the anonymous letter he had sent, and tried to give Ling Jiaze the relevant knowledge about the post-apocalyptic events without exposing his rebirth as much as possible.

As it approached eight o’clock, Ling Jiaze asked softly, “If the end of the world really comes, can I come find you”

Ye Xuan coaxed him and said: “If something really happens, you should stay at the school first.

Although there are many people in the school, it is a good place to live, and the canteen should also have food.

It’s a safe area.

Don’t enter crowded urban areas at will.

If you are surrounded by zombies, it will be very dangerous for you.

Whatever you kept at my side, I will give it to you whenever you come.

Have forgotten you are still my little creditor”

“You know I’m not targeting those supplies.”

Ye Xuan was silent for a while, and said, “I will wait for you at home.”


The alarm clock on Ye Xuan’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

At the same time, the mobile phone he was holding in his hand fell to the floor, leaving only a harsh alarm sound in the room where someone was talking just now.

At eight o’clock in the morning on September 23, the time marked by Ye Xuan as the end of the world arrived.


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