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In his last life, Ye Xuan had a better life than many survivors when the apocalypse started.

Part of the reason was that the transformation of his abilities made him adapt better to the temperature changes brought by the apocalypse.

Another part of the reason was that there was a lot of food and water stored in his house.

When he saw people on the Internet arguing that the end of the world was coming, he had also followed suit and bought some instant noodles and mineral water to keep at home out of the mentality of safety.

However, it was only enough to last for about a week.

What really saved him from going out to collect supplies because of the threat of starvation was a mysterious package he received a week before the world ended, a big gift that could be said to have saved his life.

Ye Xuan remembered that he had received the package when the online debate was the hottest.

Couriers were not allowed to enter the community.

Usually, if you bought something, you would have to go to the gate to inspect the item and sign the form.

The other option was to let the courier directly ask the security to enter and put it in the guard room.

Ye Xuan was afraid of extra work, so he always asked the security guard to sign for it, and then took it when he passed by.

That day, he received a call from the security guard, saying that he had received a package but he didn’t take it seriously.

However when he went there, he found out that it was something he had never bought at all.

Ye Xuan inquired about the courier company and the online store that sent the package, and finally came to the conclusion that the other party may have filled in the wrong information.

He planned to deal with it later.

Although Ye Xuan had found it troublesome, it was a problem to throw out the things someone else had bought.

He could only put the pile of things in a corner of the living room.

After two days, the customer service said that the other party had found out that he had filled in the wrong information, but he was too lazy to go through the process again, so he simply gave him everything.

Ye Xuan had received a lot of things from the other party so inexplicably, and then relied on these unexpected things to avoid the lack of food in the early days of the apocalypse.

After he came back from his rebirth, he thought about waiting for the wrong package to be sent, contacting the buyer who filled in the wrong address, and then reminding the other party that the apocalypse was coming.

However the courier never came and Ling Jiaze had asked him to store supplies.

These two things seemed to be irrelevant, but Ye Xuan felt they were connected the more he thought about it.

The fact that Ling Jiaze knew him was an event that did not change because of rebirth.

Was there  a possibility that after seeing the news of the apocalypse in his last life, he had sent this package to him, but then in this life, since the two of them already knew each other , he didn’t need to use this euphemistic way to send things to himself, so he thought about using ‘storage’ as an excuse

Ye Xuan knew that it was a bit far-fetched for him to think this way, but he still asked Ling Jiaze that question— “Did you see the news that the end of the world was coming, and then deliberately used this method to send me supplies”

After all, he really couldn’t figure out why Ling Jiaze bought such a bunch of things.

If he read the comments on the Internet and felt that he had to buy some supplies, he should have put them in his own dormitory or at home.

There was no reason to put them in someone else’s home.

Ye Xuan couldn’t believe it.

There was no place for a few boxes of water and instant noodles in his house

After Ye Xuan said this, Ling Jiaze was silent for a long time before he said: “I saw many people on the Internet saying that there will be an apocalypse soon.

Although I don’t know if it’s true or not, it’s always good to be more prepared.

Ye Xuan took up what he didn’t finish, “Then were you afraid that I wouldn’t believe what they say on the Internet, and that I’d have an accident if the apocalypse really comes, so you decided to put these life-saving things in my house in the name of storage”

“Yeah,” Ling Jiaze’s voice was a little hoarse, and he asked in confusion, “Senior, don’t you believe in these weird and chaotic things I don’t really believe it.

I don’t usually believe in these things.”

“Ling Jiaze, do you…” Like me

Halfway through the words, Ye Xuan still didn’t ask the second half.

“Forget it, tell me your address, and the two of us will talk about it face to face.”

“How about I drive to the senior’s house Everything is in the trunk of my car, so I wouldn’t have to unload it again.”

“Okay, I’ll send you my home address.”

“Then senior, I’ll see you later!”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xuan sat on the sofa for a long time.

Ling Jiaze’s obviously happy and relaxed tone seemed to keep echoing in his ears, and a big stone in his heart made him feel uncomfortable.

If Ling Jiaze had an impression of him before, or if he liked him, then why hadn’t they never met in the safe zone when the world ended

Did he not survive and turned into a zombie Did he die prematurely by accident Or was all this really a coincidence The two of them were clearly in City C, but they had never met each other in the nearby safe area.

Ye Xuan didn’t want to think about this question.

So he didn’t ask Ling Jiaze what his feelings were towards him.

The end of the world was coming, and it was unknown whether the two of them would survive the initial catastrophe.

How could they think about love

Ye Xuan looked at the somewhat empty villa and the supplies he had piled in the corner and made a unilateral decision – instead of embarrassing everyone, it was better to maintain the status quo first.

If both of them were lucky not to become zombies, then they could talk about feelings at that time.

Ye Xuan waited for about an hour at home before Ling Jiaze arrived.

To Ye Xuan’s surprise, Ling Jiaze, his introverted junior, was actually driving a large off-road vehicle.

He thought previously that the other party was also about 1.8 meters tall, and that the other party in the casino was unfamiliar at the time.

The person had an undoubtedly indifferent aura, and Ye Xuan felt as if only this kind of car was suitable for him.

Ye Xuan instructed him to park the car in the garage.

Seeing that Ling Jiaze was about to open the trunk to move the stuff, he interrupted his movement: “Come in first, don’t rush to move the things inside.”

Ling Jiaze paused for a moment, but still listened to Ye Xuan’s words and followed him into the house.

After Ye Xuan entered the door, he turned on the air conditioner, pointed at the sofa and said, “Sit down, I’ll get you a drink.

Do you want a carbonated drink or juice”

Like a student in class, Ling Jiaze sat upright on the sofa and said, “Water is fine, I don’t want to bother senior.”

Ye Xuan took out a bottle of ice water and a bottle of juice from the refrigerator, put it on the table and said, “I’m sorry, I was upstairs so I didn’t turn on the air conditioner in the living room.

It may be a little hot, but it will cool down in a while.

You should have a cold drink first.”

In fact, he didn’t always spend his time upstairs but he had never felt the heat.

If he hadn’t seen Ling Jiaze sweating a little, Ye Xuan would not have realized that the temperature in the house was too high.

In addition to retaining his spiritual power after the apocalypse, Ye Xuan’s current physical quality was also different from that of ordinary people before the apocalypse.

Although it was not as good as the perfect physique of a high-level power user, there was a difference when compared with human beings from before the apocalypse.

His speed and strength had been slightly improved, and his adaptability to the external environment had also been greatly improved.

The most direct manifestation was that he had not felt the heat of the mid-August summer for more than half a month, and the weather of more than 30 degrees was as comfortable for him as the spring and autumn temperature of 20 degrees.

However, 30 degrees was nothing to humans in the post-apocalyptic world.

Compared with the winter and summer at that time, the heat and cold now could be called a comfortable temperature.

Ling Jiaze took the mineral water, pointed at the boxes of water and instant noodles that Ye Xuan had piled up in the corner of the living room, and said a little embarrassedly, “It turns out that the senior had already made preparations and I was just worrying about nothing.”

“I bought a little bit after seeing the news.

I’m still very moved that you were thinking of me.”

In Ye Xuan’s space, there were many things, and there were some durable materials scattered around the house, which well concealed.

After the light talk, he said the main purpose of meeting with Ling Jiaze today, “Do you think the end of the world will really come”

“I don’t know.

As far as I know, there has never been an example of these kinds of disasters happening in many places in the world at the same time, so the claims of the world ending cannot be completely groundless.

But scientists have not yet discovered what caused these disasters.

So I’m still quite confused now, but I think the officials will definitely give an explanation after a while.”

“You really trust the news released by the officials” In the history of various countries, there are actually some examples of officials deliberately concealing information to control the situation.

Now there were many people on the Internet saying that these countries already knew what caused these disasters, but for some reason had deliberately not disclosed it.

Ye Xuan, as someone who had been reborn, knew that those scientists really hadn’t found anything.

Ye Xuan was however quite surprised that Ling Jiaze could say that he believed the official news.

“My elders are in politics, and the information they tell me is generally more accurate.” Ling Jiaze explained, “But from my life experience from childhood to adulthood, the official release must be one that they have evaluated and found it to be suitable and the most favorable news for the situation.

Thus I generally still believe in news reports, and I am willing to listen to whatever the state’s arrangements may be.”

“Assuming that these natural disasters are early warnings from the earth, or harbingers of the apocalypse, which kind of doomsday do you think it will be”

Ling Jiaze frowned and thought about it for a long time, “I’m more inclined to the theory of a change in plate motion or gravity.

I don’t know much about this, but it seems to be a more reliable guess.”

Ye Xuan picked up the cup and took a sip of the juice.

The cold liquid irritated his throat, causing him to cough dryly.

He looked at Ling Jiaze and said seriously, “I’m the opposite of you.

I believe in the most impossible guess—humans becoming zombies, and the world order being reshuffled.”

“Zombies Is it the type from the movies with no consciousness and no brain The cannibalistic monsters”

“Yeah, that’s the monster I’m referring to.”


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