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Soon, Ye Xuan’s villa began to be renovated, and he also successfully received his initial orders.

His warehouse was large and far from the city, surrounded only by cameras installed by the previous tenants to ensure security.

Now the right to use the warehouse was in his hands.

As long as he didn’t turn on the cameras, no one could discover the weirdness of this warehouse.

Ye Xuan waited for the transaction to end every time, and ensured that the other party would not come back to his warehouse before quietly putting things in his own space.

Since the apocalypse had not yet come, it was still too challenging to make things disappear out of thin air.

In fact, even after the end of the world, Ye Xuan was not going to take out too many things at once in front of others.

His space was large and time was still in there.

In the early days, when everyone’s space was small, it was easy to be found suspicious.

Ye Xuan, who had lived for two lifetimes and had seen many things, never dared to trust people’s hearts.

Even if his quality of life in front of others was a little ordinary and he seemed a little indifferent, he did not want to take any risks; otherwise he would not choose to keep the secret that the end of the world was coming.

Two weeks later, the renovation of Ye Xuan’s villa was completed.

He asked workers to replace all the windows in the house with double-layer tempered glass.

The design was also changed from the original push-pull type to a small corner casement window that could only open a gap.

Ye Xuan had tested its strength.

Ordinary people would not be able to destroy his windows, and even if an ability user wanted to break in through the windows, the effort used would not be small.

The fence in the yard had also been raised a lot, and there were iron fences that were difficult to climb over.

Although the final look was a bit ugly, the safety factor was still quite high.

Anyway, Ye Xuan himself couldn’t climb over the walls.

In addition, he also replaced the original half-height decorative courtyard gate with a metal gate, which was regarded as an additional defense.

The most important point was that Ye Xuan installed a household solar generator on the roof.

Although it was not reliable to completely replace the existing power supply in the preliminary test, it would be no problem to use it after the world ended.

He originally wanted to install monitoring cameras at several entrances and exits, but the large-scale power outages in the post-apocalyptic era would make them useless.

Although he had installed a generator in his house, the energy was limited.

Ye Xuan was not ready to waste electricity on it.

During the renovation of the villa, many neighbors in the community noticed the movement on Ye Xuan’s side.

Ye Xuan still used his original excuse – he didn’t do much work on the house before he moved in.

During this period of time, he was a little scared after reading several examples of accidents on the Internet, so he had quickly made up for it.

There were still a few people like Ye Xuan who were in their twenties and renovated their own houses, especially villas.

Most of the people who came to ask had a lot of life experience.

They took a look at Ye Xuan’s work this time.

Based on the things that were being replaced, they also came to the same point of view as Boss Zhang – his house was renovated at random before.

In the past two weeks, besides decorating and collecting supplies, what Ye Xuan had done the most was to follow the news from all over the world on the Internet.

If his memory was not wrong, the natural disasters which occurred before the world ended would come soon.

The second day after the completion of Ye Xuan’s villa, he was browsing the shopping website online and preparing to place an order to collect a batch of snacks from all over the world, when he saw the notification on his mobile phone that a tsunami had occurred in the territory of country J.

As a country surrounded by the sea on many sides, a tsunami was not an unprecedented disaster in country J.

Even if the tsunami happened suddenly without any warning, it did not cause a big panic.

Soon, the second wave of natural disasters came.

In the next three days, bad news continued to come from all over the world—earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions.

These disasters that had been rare for many years followed one after another like an appointment, completely starting the countdown to the apocalypse.

During the three days when the disasters were happening, Ye Xuan had not gone out.

He had not even slept, and had been staring at the news on the computer and the discussions in the forum.

The media was trying its best to appease the masses.

After all, even the government officials did not know what caused this global disaster.

People on the forum were having various discussions.

The earth was about to be destroyed in an accident.

Some people said that this was the awakening of the ancient gods.

Ye Xuan looked at the text that kept appearing on the cold screen, touched the mark on his left hand subconsciously, and murmured, “Should I give them any warnings”

It had always been an unsolved mystery why the end of the world caused by a virus brought about natural disasters.

Some people said that it was because the A virus broke out in advance in some organisms in the sea and underground.

Some people believed that this was an early warning the earth had given.

There was no conclusion to anything.

Ye Xuan was not a scientist.

He didn’t pay too much attention to the cause of a disaster that had already happened.

He even felt that instead of paying attention to this kind of unchangeable thing, he might as well pay more attention to whether there will be such a big disaster of such scale in the future.

Now he had returned to before everything happened, but because of the ideology of self-protection, he had concealed the fact that disasters that were about to happen and even concealed the end of the world ten days from now.

Even if this was decided early on, Ye Xuan felt uncomfortable when he saw the news.

He didn’t know when the vine quietly ran out.

It was rare that it didn’t play tricks or play on its own, but shrunk its size and wrapped itself around Ye Xuan’s left arm.

Except for rubbing his face from time to time, it seemed to be quiet.

“What’s the point of asking you this” The vine was not a person, and naturally it didn’t have the emotions and desires of being a person.

What’s more, the main cause of the apocalypse, the A virus, had already infected all creatures on this planet.

The end of the world was approaching and this was an irreversible fact.

Thinking of the larger-scale disasters that would happen next, Ye Xuan leaned back on the back of his chair.

He couldn’t make changes, and he didn’t know how to make changes.

So why was he made to come back this time Could it be it was to let him experience the taste of the apocalypse again

After a long time, Ye Xuan moved his slightly stiff fingers and sent the first reply on the forum with the account he just registered – “What if the zombie apocalypse is really coming”

In recent years, there had been many apocalyptic movies both at home and abroad.

Asteroids hit the earth, the earth self-destructed, and humans turned into zombies.

It could be said that everything was possible.

The zombie theory proposed by Ye Xuan was naturally mentioned by many people.

[So human beings will really turn into zombies, just like what is written in novels Into walking dead 】

[No, no matter how many natural disasters occur, it has nothing to do with mutations]

[Then will I become a supernatural person With the ability to gain wind, fire, thunder, lightening, speed and other powers 】

【Keep daydreaming! How do you know you’ll be a powerhouse and not a zombie 】

Ye Xuan: [Anyway, everyone should make more preparations, buy some food and keep it at home.

Don’t run around if you have nothing to do these days.

Even if it’s not zombies, natural disasters around the world are not a trivial matter.

Rice, instant noodles, canned food, mineral water and medicine.

There is no harm in buying some of these and keeping them at home.]

[Big brother, you are getting more and more mysterious.

You are a supermarket employee right 】

[Did you plan on tricking us into buying stuff and then taking the opportunity to raise the prices 】

Ye Xuan: These people were mentally retarded! With so many supermarkets across the country, how could posting a post on a forum increase sales and drive up prices What kind of ghost story was this

No matter how annoyed Ye Xuan was, he couldn’t leave this matter alone.

He selectively ignored those bullying remarks, and continued to focus on persuading netizens to buy more things at home.

Don’t go out when you have nothing to do, and immediately one feels that the situation is not right, escape.

Isolate from people.

What he said basically covered the preparations for all disasters.

Even if it was not zombies, but earthquakes and mudslides, as long as they were not the first casualties in the central area, it was always good for people to have supplies on hand while waiting for search and rescue.

Even during weather disasters such as heavy rain and snowstorm, didn’t people have to rely on water and rice to survive when they were trapped at home

In the past few days, Ye Xuan was either using multiple accounts on the forum to spread the word about the end of the world and the common sense of the apocalypse, or continuing to place orders to replenish his supplies.

Except for the necessary rest, he hardly stopped working.

The only good news for him was that he had seen the panic buying in supermarkets across the country and even the world.

Rice, noodles and instant food were relatively durable necessities.

Even if nothing happened next, they would only lose a little price difference.

It was all about spending money to buy peace of mind.

On the eighth day before the end of the world, Ye Xuan, who was having lunch at home, suddenly received a call from Ling Jiaze.

Maybe it was because of the cell phone that the other party’s voice was not as restrained as when he was face-to-face before.

However Ye Xuan still felt that he was a little nervous.

He asked, “Senior, can I store some things in your house”

“Isn’t your house in City C” Ye Xuan didn’t know if Ling Jiaze didn’t live in the dormitory, but if they were high school alumni, then he should be a native of City C.

Ye Xuan really couldn’t understand why a local person was looking for him to store things.

“Yes, but…”

Ling Jiaze hesitated for a long time without giving a reason, Ye Xuan asked in a flash, “What do you want to store at my house”

“Instant noodles, canned mineral water, chocolates, and energy bars.

I can’t store these things where I live, so I thought of putting them in senior’s house for a while.

It won’t take up too much of senior’s time or space.”

“Ling Jiaze”, Ye Xuan interrupted him, he seemed to know what he wanted to do.

“Senior, what did you say”

“Did you read the news on the Internet that the end of the world was coming”


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