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It was a fact that Ye Xuan had a good memory, but his sensitivity to human faces was very low.

In the last ten years of the apocalypse, what he saw the most was ordinary people with exhausted faces, and people with abilities in protective suits.

The people he saw today might not be there tomorrow.

Except for people he was familiar with and had a relationship with, Ye Xuan basically didn’t go out of his way to remember the faces of strangers, so as not to feel sad when  he heard news of the other party’s death another day.

After a long time, Ye Xuan’s brain had formed this kind of self-protection.

Unless he intentionally paid attention, he basically couldn’t remember one-sided relationships.

Now for him to remember whether he knew the person in front of him from ten years ago was really hard.

When the other party saw his expression of ‘who are you’, the smile on his face stiffened a little.

He introduced himself quite nervously and said, “Senior Ye may not remember me but I went to the same high school as you.

You went back to the school six years ago as a teacher.

I was a freshman in high school at that time, and the two of us met in the office.”

A passerby who met him six years ago… Ye Xuan couldn’t help but curse.

He was reborn, that’s why he didn’t have the ability to remember this person from ten years ago, okay

He really didn’t want to recall what happened when he returned to his alma mater many years ago, so he simply avoided talking about it.

While listening to the dice cup’s movements, he asked casually, “Is there a problem”

The boy looked even more nervous, and stammered: “No… Nothing’s wrong.

I just happened to see senior, so I came over to say hello.”

Ye Xuan threw a few chips on the table and made a bet.

He couldn’t help but wonder if his juniors from high school had such poor Chinese skills No, he remembered that his high school grades were still quite high.

A middle-aged man next to him saw that the game had begun.

The boy was still standing still there, and so he asked impatiently: “Little brother, are you here to play or to chat If you won’t play, leave and stop making this place crowded.”

“It’s none of your business.”

The boy took out a few chips from the box in his hand and was about to put them on the table.

Ye Xuan pulled his arm and asked, “First time playing” Even if he didn’t look at the game, he still had to calculate the points.

When the boy’s arm was pulled by Ye Xuan, his whole body stiffened.

It took a long time before he said, “This is my first time.”

“For the first time you play, it’s best to start with a safe bet.

Big or small, choose one.”

The boy said without hesitation: “Big.”

“Following me My intuition is pretty good.” Ye Xuan helped him throw the chips in his hand into the big grid.

He looked at the middle-aged man next to him and said, “The time will run out if you don’t place your bet soon.

Are you still betting”

The middle-aged man looked at the two young people who threw tens of thousands of chips without blinking.

He hesitated and still didn’t make a bet.

The biggest game he played was 2,000.

How could he have the nerve to follow the two of them

The countdown soon ended, and the croupier opened the dice: 1, 3, 3.

Ye Xuan’s score was exactly the same, and he successfully earned his first money.

Ye Xuan played more than a dozen games in a row.

When he was sure, he directly mentioned the sum of the points.

When he was not sure, he used a small amount of money to make a big profit.

After counting the number of games, there were both wins and losses but all he earned were high profits.

He only spent a small amount of money but there was no big difference between only earning and not losing.

Ye Xuan had doubled his principal several times and thinking that it was enough, he was ready to stop.

After all, he didn’t really want to attract the attention of the forces in the casino.

He adjusted his chips and asked the boy next to him, “I’m not playing anymore, are you still continuing”

After playing for so long, Ye Xuan discovered that this little boy only followed him from beginning to end.

His principal was always fixed at 100,000 yuan, and there was no passion for gambling, as if he didn’t care about the game at all.

When the boy saw him packing his things, he quickly stood up and said, “I don’t want to play anymore.

Shall we go to change the chips or leave the casino for a while”

Ye Xuan said quite playfully: “We”

“No, I mean, senior, are you going to change your chips” After speaking, he realized that he had crossed the line a bit, and quickly explained: “I didn’t mean to inquire about your whereabouts, senior, I just asked.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me.”

“I just said it casually.

You don’t have to be so nervous.

I’ve had enough fun and I’m going to change my chips and find a place to eat.

Do you want to come with me”

Ye Xuan thought helplessly.

He didn’t feel that his attitude was sharp and aggressive.

How could this child be so nervous

“Is that okay”

“It’s just a meal, what’s wrong By the way, did you mention your name when you introduced yourself just now”

“Ling Jiaze.”

The name was quite nice, but Ye Xuan was not going to tease him anymore.

He stood up with the chip box and said, “Let’s go, we’ll chat while eating for a while.

The people here are so noisy, we can’t speak conveniently.”


This was Ye Xuan’s first time in Australia, and if nothing else happened, it would be the last time.

He found a well-known local restaurant and ordered the signature dishes, which could be considered to satisfy his appetite.

Seeing that Ling Jiaze didn’t speak after taking a seat, Ye Xuan took the initiative to say, “You said that you were a freshman when I went back to school six years ago, so you shouldn’t have finished schooling yet right”

“I’m currently studying at C University, starting my senior year.”

“You’re going the same university that I went to.” Ye Xuan recalled his university life that seemed like a different world, and said, “The senior year should be quite busy.

Why did you come here alone”

“We started school late, and I just came to play for a few days since I had nothing to do.

As for senior, are you here for the casino”

Ye Xuan nodded and said, “I’m a little tight on cash, so I came here to make some money.”

Ling Jiaze looked at Ye Xuan with disapproval, and after deliberating on his words for a long time, he said, “Senior, in fact, I think trying to earn money from gambling is not stable, and the risk is too high.

If you are short of money, you might as well ask someone you know to borrow it from, or seek a loan from a bank.

Gambling is really not a good idea.”

This was the first time for Ye Xuan himself but he had seen a lot of people do such things at the base before.

He knew that there are many people who wanted to rely on gambling to earn a fortune, and these people basically did not listen to advice.

They felt anyone who tried to advice them otherwise was harming them.

He and Ling Jiaze were not familiar with each other, so he was indeed a little surprised that the other party could say these words.

He explained patiently: “This is the only time, I will go back to the hotel to rest after dinner, and I will leave Australia directly tomorrow.

I wouldn’t be gambling again.

On the contrary, it is you who is young and energetic.

You don’t even calculate anything, betting directly.

If you really want to gamble, it is better to be safe.”

“I see, thank you senior for your concern.” Ling Jiaze said with a smile, “I’m actually planning to go back to city C tomorrow.

If I’m on the same flight as senior, maybe we can go to the airport together.”

“I’m not going back to City C yet, I have to go to other places first.” It was actually quite a luxury for Ye Xuan to spend a day to make money.

Two days from now, he had to go directly to a food company in the province next to City C to place an order in order to minimize wasteful time loss.

“Is that so…” Ling Jiaze looked a little depressed.

He thought about it and said, “If the senior is still short of money, you can contact me.

I have some untouched savings in my hands, and I also made a lot of money with senior today.

In fact, I made money today by betting with senior so part of the money should be counted as yours.”

“Are you a spendthrift” What’s wrong with this person In a few words, he went from rushing to advocate borrowing money to rushing to give money

“I…” If it wasn’t for fear of Ye Xuan’s disgust, he really wanted to say that if he was short of money, he could come to him directly, and not do high-risk things like gambling.

But there was a premise for this matter – he couldn’t make Ye Xuan disgusted with himself thus this matter became difficult to handle.

Ye Xuan watched the child fall into a state of inexplicable tension again and said, “How much money do you have that you can use I mean money that is available right now and not tied up in assets.”

“It used to be around 5 million, but now it’s about 6 million.

I still have some fixed deposits, which I can withdraw if needed.” Ling Jiaze also realized that something today when he exchanged the chips.

Within an hour, he had earned more than one million.

Even if he had never been short of money since he was a child, he was a little shocked.

He had to admit that gambling was really an avenue of getting money and getting money quickly.

Ye Xuan: This little fool was really rich.

“Lend to me five million.

I will use the money for about two months.

You have the final say on when I should repay the money.” With the money he had now, he would be able to renovate the villa and fill half of the space.

There was no problem with it, but just like no one will dislike a lot of money, no one will dislike a lot of materials in the apocalypse.

Naturally, the more principal that could be used for acquisitions, the better.

With this money, Ye Xuan estimated that he could collect some more special snacks.

After all, those are things that will be difficult to reproduce after the end of the world.

After the apocalypse, as long as Ling Jiaze didn’t stab him in the back, Ye Xuan was willing to provide him with some materials to repay the favor he owed, instead of simply and rudely returning the five million that would have turned into waste paper.

“Okay, can you give me your contact information, senior, so that I can send you the money”

“Okay, my cell phone number is…” Ye Xuan was stuck.

How could he remember the string of numbers that he hadn’t used for many years

Seeing Ling Jiaze look at him curiously, Ye Xuan said nonchalantly, “Just enter your number on my mobile phone, and I’ll call you.”

“Okay.” Ling Jiaze took Ye Xuan’s phone with both hands, made a call to his own, and returned the phone to Ye Xuan only after he was sure that he could connect.

“Now you are my creditor,” Ye Xuan said jokingly, “Tell me, little creditor, do you have anything you like to eat”

“Me” Ling Jiaze didn’t expect Ye Xuan to ask this question at all.

After thinking for a while, he said, “I’m not picky eater.”

“Huh”, Ye Xuan was amused by him.

He shook his head helplessly, and gave up the next step to ask.

This little brother was really interesting, but unfortunately the end of the world was coming, otherwise he really wanted to tease him again.


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