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With a loud boom, a headless zombie fell from a height, and it also pushed down many zombies that were climbing upwards.

The chaotic scene looked ridiculous, but except for those unfortunately overwhelmed zombies, the other zombies seemed to have not seen the tragic state of the others who had been decapitated, and still went up the escalator crowded with zombie bodies and trolleys.

This scene made people unable to laugh at all.

The ability user standing at a high place, Ye Xuan, frowned and cut off the head of a zombie that was charging upwards.

He took out a pile of shelves that he had just collected from his space to block the way.

After confirming that they couldn’t break through temporarily, he sat on the ground tiredly, took out a bottle of water from the space and drank it.

The vine skillfully used a branch to take the crystal nuclei in the brains of the zombies on the ground into the space, and dragged the zombies all over the ground to one side.

It only returned to Ye Xuan’s side after clearing the field.

Ye Xuan raised his hand and touched it, and said, “Let’s rest for a while and fight the zombies downstairs one more time.

We should be able to finish them up soon.”

His previous estimates were not wrong.

The strength of the zombies on the first floor who had eaten people was really stronger than those he had previously fought upstairs.

They were totally not on the same level.

Their strength and speed had increased, which took a lot of work for him to kill.

He also used shelves and other obstacles several times to block the zombies before they could climb up if he wanted to get some small rest.

Of course, after all that exhaustion, Ye Xuan’s harvest was not small.

After a few hours of fighting, he had probably collected four to five hundred crystal nuclei.

His ability level, with the cycle of totally depleting his power, absorbing crystal nuclei for recovery, and depleting his power again, got a big boost.

The improvement of his abilities also made Ye Xuan affirm his decision to stay.

He had trained his ability with seeds at home for a day yesterday, but he did not improve as much as these few hours.

The saying that actual combat was the best way to improve abilities was really not wrong at all.

Ye Xuan took out a piece of fresh meat from the space and handed it to the vine.

He then took out five crystal nuclei, purified it with his ability, and guided his energy to slowly flow through the translucent crystal nucleus.

He then began to use the energy of the crystal nucleus to restore his body’s ability.

Ye Xuan sat cross-legged for more than 20 minutes, and after absorbing the energy in the crystal core, he felt that his strength had recovered a lot.

He also had the energy to supply the vine to release branches before standing up with the sword and saying, “Come on, this should be the last wave of zombies!”

The vine that had absorbed the energy for a long time followed him.

When Ye Xuan stood still and was about to smash the zombies with the shelf, it floated behind him, and released its branch again, ready to defend.

Ye Xuan kicked the headless body of a zombie to one side, held the sword to maintain the fighting state and waited for a while.

After confirming that there were no more zombies coming up, he relaxed his body.

There were a lot of zombies in the supermarket, but their quality was not particularly high.

He blocked the entrance going upstairs, making sure that he always faced up to two zombies at a time.

When he felt that he was getting weak, he blocked the entrance and rested.

After a few cycles, it was only a matter of time before killing all the zombies on the first floor.

Ye Xuan looked at his watch.

It only took him less than an hour to kill zombies and get supplies from the fourth floor to the second floor, but it took him three hours to clean up the zombies on the first floor.

They were pretty tough to deal with.

He walked through the gap between the shopping carts, without touching the things that were destroyed by zombies crawling and trampling them, and walked to the first floor of the supermarket that had taken him more than three hours to see.

Because the zombies had been attracted by him and they were all killed near the stairs, the first floor, which was densely packed with zombies, was now very empty.

Only the zombies piled up next to the escalator, the dried blood on the ground and the clothes stained with blood showed what had happened the day before.

Unlike the items on the second floor, the things on the first floor had been destroyed by the zombies eating people yesterday.

Plus with the power outage last night, some of them had begun to rot, and the rest could only be stored for a few days.

Ye Xuan picked up all the food that didn’t have blood on them and were not rotten.

However, because he had a lot of food now, he somewhat despised these ‘contaminated’ foods, and when they were put into the space, they were all separated from the rest.

For this batch of things, Ye Xuan was not going to use it himself for the time being, but would take it out for exchange later.

Although he did not like these things, these semi-fresh vegetables, fruits and rice noodles were absolutely good things for people after the apocalypse.

As far as Ye Xuan’s experience was concerned, what he had collected was much cleaner than most of the things that appeared in the trading market after the apocalypse.

That is to say, he now had a lot of things in his hand, so he could choose to be picky.

Ye Xuan was rummaging through the counters for anything else that could be put into the space, when he suddenly heard movement behind him.

He turned around abruptly and took out the Tang Dao sword from the space.

He looked towards the place where the sound was made, and realized that it turned out to be a fish that slipped through the net.

The zombie was probably squeezed into a corner when all the zombies were running up together, and later, because the zombie bodies Ye Xuan kept throwing from the upstairs had blocked the way, it was trapped in the corner like this.

There was even a soundproof wall formed by the zombies’ bodies, which allowed him to successfully escape Ye Xuan’s purging after he went downstairs.

Ye Xuan coldly looked at the zombie that was about to emerge from the wall formed by the zombies’ bodies.

He felt disgusted and chilled in his heart.

It escaped by constantly eating the other zombies’ bodies.

After the apocalypse, in addition to eating people and mutated animals, high-level zombies could also get energy by eating the bodies of other zombies.

However, this was the first time Ye Xuan had encountered an A-rank zombie eating the bodies of the same kind.

It must have noticed the existence of this ability user, yet was blocked so it created such a road after gnawing and biting other bodies.

Ye Xuan looked at the zombie that was about to crawl out, and summoned the vine again, ready to fight with his sword.

It was not difficult for him to walk away now, but the other zombies in the whole supermarket were no less than 500.

If they were eaten by this zombie, then he was afraid that it would enter the B-level before all humans enter the second-order.

How many people it would kill by then, Ye Xuan really dared not to think.

Instead of waiting for it to grow into a big boss that destroyed the world, it was better to send it to its death now.

When the zombie finally ran out of the obstacle, Ye Xuan was ready for it.

With a bang, the Tang Dao sword in Ye Xuan’s hand collided with the zombie’s hard nails, making a metallic clashing sound.

Ye Xuan immediately felt the difference between this zombie and other zombies.

It was faster and stronger.

His own strength was already powerful among first-order ability users yet the zombie was at a level which could match his.

He looked at the zombie.

It was wearing sweatpants and looked like a tall and sturdy boy in his twenties.

Ye Xuan guessed that if he hadn’t unfortunately become a zombie, he should have had a good chance of awakening his abilities.

It was a pity that when people became zombies, there were no chances of ever becoming human again.

 Sighing in his heart, Ye Xuan dodged the zombie’s attacking hand sideways, and at the same time, the vine tightly trapped the zombie’s hand.

Although the vine had been greatly weakened due to Ye Xuan’s low energy reserves, its own resilience was still there.

Even if the zombie’s strength was great, it had not been able to break free from the vine’s shackles for a while.

Ye Xuan didn’t dare to delay, and simply chopped off the zombie’s head with one swing, ending the chance of this slippery fish becoming a boss.

After killing the zombie, Ye Xuan controlled the vine to find the crystal nucleus in its brain.

Sure enough, the crystal nucleus had a faint sign of changing from colorless to red, which was from a rank A zombie to a fire B-rank zombie.

If it had lived longer and eaten more humans or other zombies, it would not have been long before it became the first batch of B-rank zombies.

After this little episode, Ye Xuan carefully checked the first floor of the supermarket again and made sure that all the zombies were dead before starting his own item collection again.

Soon, he put all the things that could be used into the space, and it marked the end of his sweeping tour of this supermarket.

After confirming the safety outside the door, Ye Xuan left through the side door of the supermarket, killing zombies and getting oil from cars along the way.

After walking for more than half an hour, he walked to a hidden place to take out the car, ready to go home.

On the way home, he also observed the current situation, and it was not much different from what he had guessed in the morning.

Even if the zombies were slow and easy to kill, there were still very few survivors who dared to go out and kill them.

Most thought that someone would come to rescue them and others had hope that apocalypse would end soon.

Ye Xuan was also like this in his previous life.

Even after awakening his ability, he did not go out.

He just waited at home until there was no water or food before going out to collect supplies.

At that time, many things had already been spoiled due to the passage of time, so he could only get things like instant noodles and cookies which were durable.

While thinking about his past life and driving according to the route he had used previously, Ye Xuan quickly returned to the community.

Just as he turned the corner and arrived at the door of his villa, he suddenly found a group of people gathered in front of him.

He took a closer look and saw that the son of the family who came to him yesterday for help was bound by vines at the door, and his mother was standing and crying.

There were also a lot of people watching the excitement around, but none of them dared to enter the gate of his courtyard.

He got out of the car and locked the door.

He walked to the gate of his courtyard, looked at the group of people, and asked with a smile, “I remember that many people knew about my going out this morning.


He dragged his voice, his eyes sweeping over the people present, and said slowly but powerfully: “Were you planning on entering my house in my absence”


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