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Ye Xuan stayed at home for a whole day, and after making sure that he was used to fighting with the Tang Dao sword as his main weapon while assisted by his ability, he went outside the next morning.

After yesterday’s chaos, the situation in the community had stabilized.

People killed their relatives who had turned into zombies and those families where no one had turned into zombies kept their doors tightly closed.

There were many rich people living in the villa area, and the safety level of their houses was good.

The sluggish zombies could smell the people inside, but it was still difficult for them to break in.

Although there were occasional noises of zombies crashing and roaring from the doors and windows, it was still a safe place to live.

As for those who didn’t listen to the warning, Ye Xuan glanced outside the glass windows where zombies were infested, they had either died or turned into zombies, right

His car was an off-road one.

When he bought it, he chose a good selection of various configurations.

After Ye Xuan was reborn, he didn’t make any more modifications.

He drove the car all the way out of the villa area and went straight to the nearest supermarket.

His original plan was to go to the nearest commercial street first.

After all, it was eight o’clock in the morning when the apocalypse broke out.

There were very few people in the commercial street, at most some bosses and employees who came to prepare for opening, so the zombies would also be a lot less.

But when he killed the zombies who were trying to enter his own yard in the morning, he suddenly realized that the current A-rank zombies were not enough to pose too much threat to him.

There were both many supplies and zombies in the supermarket, and few people would break in like him.

If these items were not collected as soon as possible, many of them would expire after a while.

It would be even more unfortunate if a guarded high-level zombie had evolved, and he was forced to give up the more durable things.

Ye Xuan was not particularly lacking in such things, but he didn’t really want anything to go to waste.

After all, resources were in short supply in the apocalypse, and many things were no longer being produced.

It was always good to reserve a little more.

What’s more, if he wanted to maintain a strength that was far superior to others, he had to kill zombies and take their crystal cores, right

It was good that there were few cars near Ye Xuan’s house.

He could drive around a bit more, but when he got closer to the supermarket, the car couldn’t drive in.

He could only drive the car to a place with few people, park it, and then walk to the supermarket with the Tang Dao sword.

It was the second day of the apocalypse.

Most people wouldn’t want to go out because of unknown circumstances and there was still surplus food at home.

The zombies wandering outside had eaten up all the humans who did not have enough time to escape.

In their hungry state, they smelt the tempting fragrance of Ye Xuan and immediately surrounded him with stiff movements.

The newly born A-rank zombies moved slowly like old people.

Some of them fell to the ground because they were pushed by the zombies behind.

They could only use their hands and feet to crawl in the direction of Ye Xuan, and were trampled by other zombies but they felt no pain.

Ye Xuan looked at this familiar scene, holding a sword in his right hand and wrapping a vine in his left.

Squinting his eyes, he ran towards the zombie walking in front, and cut off its head with the sword.

Ye Xuan’s strength was great and he was not clumsy when using the sword.

On the contrary, his movements were very smooth.

After cutting off a zombie’s head, he could swing the sword a second time almost without pause at the head of the next zombie.

Soon, Ye Xuan broke through the blockade of the zombies on the road and successfully got outside the staff entrance of the supermarket.

He didn’t enter the door in a hurry.

He picked up a coat next to him, wiped off the blood on the sword, and then instructed the vine: “Go absorb all the crystal cores in the zombies’ brain and put them in the space.”

The vine that had easily strangled the neck of the zombies just now was attached to Ye Xuan’s arm like an ordinary plant, and the ferocity it showed a few moments ago could not be seen at all.

Ye Xuan frowned and said, “Why are you pretending to be weak, pitiful and innocent Go and absorb them so that the two of us can go into the supermarket.

If you delay, there will be more zombies gathering here.”

For many people, collecting crystal cores from zombie brains was a disgusting but necessary act.

It was easier to find a large crystal nucleus in the brain of a high-level zombie.

It was a disgusting thing to think about looking for a crystal nucleus the size of a fingernail in the brain of a low-level zombie.

However, no matter how disgusting it was, it was useless to complain.

After the end of the world, the hard currency was the crystal nucleus.

Even the contribution points of the bases were not as good as that of the crystal nucleus.

Ye Xuan used to hate the matter of finding crystal cores, but after his ability level became high, he could control mutant plants to collect crystal cores.

Later, it was more convenient to use the vine.

The vine only needed to use branches to dig through the brains of zombies and the nuclei would be automatically collected into the space.

It was convenient, fast, and safe.

The only downside was that although the vine would not leave traces on its body when it touched anything, it really disliked the matter of digging a zombie’s brain, and was a little reluctant every time it worked.

It’s just that at that time, it had other mutant plants as competitors.

In order to completely suppress those little mistresses, although reluctant, it would still collect crystal nuclei.

As a result, now that it realized that the mistresses did not exist, it had started to be lazy.

Ye Xuan watched the vine work as if it had been subjected to a slow-motion technique.

He gritted his teeth, and pretended to say casually: “I remember that there is a pot of spider plants in my house that I have raised for several years.

I wonder if it will awaken early.”

Vine: Why isn’t that little mistress dead yet!

Ye Xuan looked at the vine that stretched out countless branches in an instant, and accurately penetrated the heads of those zombies.

He said helplessly: “Wouldn’t it be better if you had done this earlier It’s your branches that do the work, not your main body.

Don’t get angry.”

Ye Xuan also previously thought that it was the vine’s main body that entered the zombie’s brain.

Seeing it so reluctant every time, he thought about replacing it with other non-intelligent mutant plants to do this.

As a result, he later learned that all the work was done by its branches, and it only needed to control them.

As for its main body, it had never touched a zombie, and only used it when it was eating or absorbing energy.

Vine: In controlling my branches to enter the zombie’s brain, the degree of disgust is second only to direct contact, thank you!

After solving this little episode, Ye Xuan found out the situation behind the door, determined that the number of zombies behind the door was very small, and then opened the door.

He locked the door, so as not to be attacked by the zombies that were attracted again.

Due to the small number of people in the staff room, the energy obtained by the zombies was not as good as that of the zombies wandering outside.

Their movements were more rigid, and their reaction speed was slower.

Ye Xuan killed these zombies without any pressure, and then entered the monitoring room according to the map on the wall in order to grasp the general situation.

This supermarket was not small and was equipped with a generator, so although the power was cut off last night, the monitoring room, cold storage and emergency lights were still working.

According to what he had learned before, the supermarket was divided into five floors, and the basement was a huge warehouse.

The first floor was for perishable things such as fresh vegetables, the cashier, as well as a separate office area.

The second floor was mainly for snacks, drinks and daily necessities, which could be stored for a period of time.

The third floor was for large electrical appliances and bedding, and the fourth floor was a large open-air parking lot.

As far as Ye Xuan observed in the surveillance camera, there were basically no zombies on the second and fourth floors.

If there were any, there should only be one or two in the cars, which could basically be ignored.

The third floor also had few zombies, only a dozen or so.  Most of them were uniformed employees.

The door to the safe passage was open, and it seemed that some survivors had escaped.

There were a little more zombies on the second floor, but they were still within Ye Xuan’s acceptance range.

As for the first floor, although Ye Xuan was mentally prepared, and he had seen many disturbing scenes, when he saw the dense zombies, blood everywhere, rotten fruits, vegetables and meat, he couldn’t help but feel sick.

This was the place with the most people when the zombies broke out in the entire supermarket.

The survivors were eaten by the zombies without even having a chance to escape.

If it wasn’t for the rigid limbs of the A-order zombies and their inability to use the escalators, he was afraid that the entire supermarket would have become a paradise for zombies.

After adjusting his mental state, Ye Xuan carefully looked at the staff passage and several separate offices, as well as the toilets where he could hide.

Unfortunately, he did not find any survivors, not even traces of a successful escape.

Most of the lucky quarter of the people who did not become zombies probably became zombie food.

From the supermarket floor plan hanging on the wall and CCTV cameras, Ye Xuan roughly confirmed the distribution of zombies in the supermarket, and then planned an approximate route.

He planned on walking from outside to the parking lot on the fourth floor, and then entering the supermarket from there.

He would go down again floor by floor.

As for which level he could advance to, it could only depend on the situation.

Ye Xuan chose to give up the things in the warehouse.

Due to the fact that the generator that came with the supermarket was still working and the naturally low temperature of the underground warehouse, as long as no one entered without authorization, the contents in it could be stored for a long time.

There should be no problem if people from the government or the army came over.

There was no problem with him recklessly collecting those things that will go bad if they were left alone, but Ye Xuan was still a little bit incapable of grabbing all the items that were likely to be used to maintain the lives of the people in the bases.

In addition, because Ye Xuan was going to use the parking lot on the fourth floor to enter and leave the supermarket, there was no need to come back to the monitoring room.

He was cruel and destroyed all the equipment in the monitoring room.

Still feeling uneasy, he simply took away all the equipment in the monitoring room.

Apart from the fact that he was not ready to let others know that he had a space ability, the size of his space was something that must not be exposed.

It was okay to take away a shelf of things with a wave of his hand, but it would be too scary to take away an entire floor of things.

After making all preparations, Ye Xuan left the monitoring room and left the supermarket along the way he entered, preparing to walk from the side lane to the parking lot upstairs.

When he was about to go out, Ye Xuan turned his head and glanced at the empty staff passage.

He could hear the roar of zombies vaguely coming from the supermarket on the first floor.

He was a little excited.

If his strength was stronger, he should be able to clean up the zombies here, right Maybe there was also a chance to cross the entire C city to C University Although Ling Jiaze was a little quick to trust people, he was not stupid so he should be able to live well, right

Realizing that he had unconsciously thought of Ling Jiaze, Ye Xuan shook his head and opened the door.

It was a pity that it was just an assumption.

If he couldn’t even clear all the zombies in this supermarket, why was he thinking about crossing the city

Ye Xuan simply cut off the head of a zombie with the sharp sword, and the vine dutifully followed behind him to collect crystal cores.

The two of them kept breaking through the zombie’s defense line and walked towards their destination upstairs.

Ye Xuan thought to himself, “I hope Ling Jiaze can survive.”


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