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Ye Xuan had received many express deliveries before the onset of the apocalypse.

Many people in the community knew that he had a lot of food and other things in his house.

In his last life, he had experienced this kind of thing where after he went out to collect supplies, his home was robbed.

Naturally he would not let down his guard in this life.

The gate and the walls could stop those who wanted to rob him when he was at home, but when he went out, it was not impossible if they really wanted to break in.

Climbing over walls, prying doors and smashing windows, as long as one was brave, they could always get in if they spent more time.

So he left another countermeasure based on his previous life experience—a branch of the vine.

In his previous life, he would always keep some mutant plants at home when he went out.

These plants were not particularly high-level, but they were enough to deal with those who tried to sneak in and pick the locks.

After all, truly powerful people had a lot of pride, and few of them would do things like breaking into an empty house.

It was a shame to be found out, and a big deal to offend a high-level ability user like Ye Xuan.

In this life, he had no mutant plants in his hands, so he could only let the vine release a bunch of branches, and then use the crystal nuclei he obtained when he got up in the morning to clear the zombies near the villa to provide energy to these branches.

Although their defensive ability was not comparable to the aggression of the mutant plant formation, nor the flexibility of the vine in guarding his home, it was still enough to deal with these ordinary people.

The only disadvantage was that this method consumed too many crystal nuclei.

If he wanted to keep these branches at home, he needed at least ten crystal nuclei every day.

If Ye Xuan didn’t need the vine to fight with him, he would even have the thought of letting it guard the house and save costs.

There was still a long time before the mutant plants appeared, and it would be even longer before they could be used for defense.

When Ye Xuan woke up that morning and fed the nuclei to the vine branches, he really missed the wide variety of plants he used to have.

After routinely missing his wealth and power in his previous life, Ye Xuan walked through the path that the crowd gave to his door, and then took out the key to open it.

“You black-hearted man, how can you harm my son like this!”

Ye Xuan was looking for the key in his pocket when the woman next to him suddenly cried and shouted so loudly.

He was startled and the key almost fell to the ground.

With this, the person who was frightened by Ye Xuan’s words which implied that they wanted to break into his house regained his courage and started talking.

“I said Xiao Yuan, what the hell is going on in your yard This person went in and didn’t do anything, yet he was hanged.”

“Look at what you said.

We heard something going on in your house and came out to see.

How is that attempting to break in”

“You’re not someone who tried to break in, right If Ye Xuan was not at home, how did this person enter his yard”

“This kid just rang the doorbell and didn’t see anyone coming.

He only wanted to go in and have a look.

How is he a thief”

Ye Xuan hadn’t eaten anything except breakfast in the morning.

He had only drank a few bottles of water, and now he was tired and hungry just waiting to go home to take a bath and eat.

He instructed the vines to throw the unfortunate boy out, and then said to his mother: “You know what your son wanted to do while I was not at home.

Hanging him today is just a lesson.

The next time this happens, the vines would strangle him directly.

I wouldn’t care whether to throw him out or not.”

The lady was holding her son who fell to the ground.

Her face turned red and white, but she still didn’t dare to speak.

Many people at the door only saw the boy hanging, and thought it was just a mechanism.

Now, seeing the vines and listening to Ye Xuan’s words, they couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Ye Xuan, are you…”

“Wood-type ability.

Some of you should have awakened abilities, right”

With the previous notice, people already knew that there would be supernatural abilities after the apocalypse.

Most who had developed them were afraid of being treated as aliens and hid it, daring not admit it.

However, there were still few examples of people like Ye Xuan who could directly use abilities on the second day of the apocalypse, and used them generously in front of everyone.

“Then you can control plants”


With sharp eyes, the person saw something on the back seat of his car and asked, “Ye Xuan, did you go out to collect supplies”

Ye Xuan was not so familiar with these neighbors, but their relationship was definitely closer than that of strangers.

He thought about it and reminded them with a few words: “The notice has already said a lot of things, and the next thing is likely to be like it said.

There will soon be a period of extreme cold and the apocalypse will not end any time soon.

My food at home will end up running out.

I thought that the zombies outside were not too dangerous, so I simply drove to the supermarket and got some stuff back.”

Several neighbors were taken aback by his confident tone, but instinctively still did not believe it.

Seeing that they didn’t believe what he said, Ye Xuan didn’t say anything more.

It was only the second day of the apocalypse, and many people still thought that this was just a nightmare, and that it would end soon.

But Ye Xuan was very clear that this nightmare would never pass.

If they couldn’t adapt as soon as possible, the casualties would be more serious when the zombie evolution was finished.

He had reminded them and it was up to them to believe it or not.

He didn’t continue the topic, but pointed to his car and said, “Is there anything else If not, I’ll drive my car into the yard.”

The neighbors followed his line of sight to see the rice noodles piled on the back seat of his car.

Ye Xuan also knew that they could see the things in his back seat, but he had planned that when he went out to collect supplies, he would definitely bring something back, so he deliberately left part of it in the car.

Just looking at it, there was nothing to arouse suspicion.

If they were just curious about why Ye Xuan went out just now, after hearing him say that the apocalypse would not end, they would have other thoughts when they saw these things.

However, many of them had bought some rice noodles because of Ye Xuan’s shopping spree a while ago.

They just didn’t believe that the apocalypse would be so bad that people would be willing to eat things they usually wouldn’t.

Most people couldn’t put their pride down, but there were always things that would make one lose their bottom line.

Just when Ye Xuan opened the courtyard door and was about to drive in, the lady who was holding her son just now rushed to his car, clasped his car door firmly and said, ” Why don’t you give us some damage fees for hanging my son the whole day”

This lady was a little unreasonable in her daily life.

The mistakes in her words and actions were always someone else’s.

Now that the apocalypse had come, she had been stimulated one after another, and had completely revealed her vexatious nature.

Ye Xuan glanced at her impatiently, and said coldly, “For entering my yard without permission, just hanging him is considered light.

Do you want to know how the zombies who wanted to enter my yard died this morning”

Her face turned pale.

Everyone in the community saw it today.

Many of the zombies who were wandering around had had their heads chopped off with a knife.

Some heads had even been cracked open, and they scared people just by looking at them.

If Ye Xuan did all this, then her son…

She was frightened when she thought of the scene where Ye Xuan would kill her son, but she still insisted: “But my family has nothing to eat!”

Ye Xuan was a little curious about what she said.

He leaned on the door and asked, “Your family usually only buys rice for a day”

“That old man in my house became a zombie when he died!” She cried as if she had collapsed and said, “Yesterday we came to you to take us in but you refused.

We begged you to help us kill the zombie yet you refused.  I could only do it myself.

I never thought that when the zombie fell, it fell onto the pile of rice bags in the living room of my house.

There were several bags of rice too.

I can’t possibly eat it anymore!”

“Why did you have to kill it by yourself Where was your son”

“How can I let him touch that dirty thing!”

A young man in his twenties had asked his mother, who was in her 50s, to kill zombies.

Ye Xuan really didn’t know how to evaluate this.

He glanced at the son who shrank behind the crowd and said, “As long as the rice and other foods are not soaked in zombie blood, they can be eaten normally.

There is no problem if it only touches the bag.”

He didn’t know the reason but after a person became a zombie, the blood left in their body was quite small.

Basically, it was all concentrated in the heart and the brain.

Even when beheading them, as long as one paid attention, they would not come into contact with the blood of the zombies.

Take a skilled zombie beheader like Ye Xuan.

He had killed hundreds of zombies today but there was no blood on his body except on the soles of his shoes.

Even if part of the reason was that he didn’t have to take the crystal nuclei himself, it was enough to prove that the blood of the zombies was low.

Hearing that her own food could still be eaten, the lady’s eyes brightened a lot.

She stared at Ye Xuan and asked, “Really, really”

Ye Xuan knew that food may have been touched by zombies in many people’s homes, and said in a louder voice: “Food touched by zombie blood will quickly go bad, so it is easy to distinguish from those which are untouched.

Just make sure to pay attention.”

A voice suddenly came from the crowd, and said tremblingly, “What if you eat it”

Ye Xuan looked at the man’s faintly gray face through the crowd, lowered his eyes and said, “It depends on your luck.

If you are lucky, nothing will happen.

If your luck is bad, you may become seriously ill or become a zombie.”

“I-I don’t want to die-“

Ye Xuan looked at the person who suddenly ran out, the group of people behind him, and the lady next to him who was in ecstasy.

He lowered his eyes and didn’t speak again.

He drove the car back to the garage in silence.

It can be said that a living person suddenly turning into a zombie was everyone’s nightmare, but changing humans into zombies was only the first level of the apocalypse.

Being eaten or bitten by a zombie, food shortage, accidental infection, failure to break through could cause the death of survivors in the apocalypse.

There were so many ways that even Ye Xuan, who had experienced the apocalypse for ten years, dared not say that he could prevent all situations.

When Ye Xuan closed the courtyard gate, he thought that right now most people may not be able to directly kill a person who had not turned into a zombie.

If that person’s luck is good, maybe he could survive

But who knows In this apocalypse, anything could happen.

Who would have thought even a person like him who had lived peacefully in the apocalypse for ten years was likely to be reborn overnight and start over

But even so, he still wanted to live.

To live to see which came first, his death or the end of the apocalypse.


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